1. Grimwar's Avatar
    Hi all,
    I have a few program idea's, that I think may be great for the Windows 10 UWP. (Both PC and Mobile)
    I can't code or develop applications.
    Is there a Developer that I can talk to?

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    08-24-2016 06:35 PM
  2. Chintan Gohel's Avatar
    you could probably check with the guys at msdn forums - you'll find just about everyone there is into coding
    08-25-2016 04:12 AM
  3. Grimwar's Avatar
    Thanks Chintan Gohel the msdm forum works.
    Thanks a lot, I do like your help on all your posts, you have a passion for Windows 10, I hope Microsoft will pay you for all the free help you have given.

    Windows 10 and loving it.

    08-31-2016 08:38 PM
  4. tasos_moraitis's Avatar
    Hi i am a developer as well. Check my portfolio and contact me!! https://amoraitis.github.io/Portfolio/
    11-19-2016 08:03 PM

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