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    Explanation on ShortcutBehavior entry for IE
    This key is required to determine whether a new browser session needs to be initiated in same tab/A new tab of same window/ or a new browser window.

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\TabbedBrowsing :

    ShortcutBehavior (DWORD)*Value Setting
    0 = A new window*
    1 = A new tab in the current window*
    2 = The current tab / window*
    Turn off configuration of window reuse

    I'm trying to use the same key in Edge browser. However setting ShortcutBehavior key does not have any impact.
    New sessions are always getting opened in new browser tab.

    Is there a key equivalent to ShortcutBehavior of IE for use in EDGE browser?

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