1. slooksterpsv's Avatar
    Sometimes when reading an article on sites like the Huffington post. Edge will refresh the page constantly. I scroll down read for a 10-20 seconds then the page reloads. It's annoying. Is is the site, ads, or edge? This is on the phone.
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    10-12-2016 05:38 PM
  2. abhishek singh21's Avatar
    Are you an insider ? clear the cache and history form advanced settings in edge and then perform a soft reset .
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    10-12-2016 11:52 PM
  3. Rockie Coppolella's Avatar
    Yes, I have a Lumia 635 on the slow ring for the Insider program. This worked for me. Thanks.
    01-02-2017 12:11 PM
  4. anon(10126407)'s Avatar
    Hello, I know this is an old thread, but the issue is big. I have been experiencing it for a while now. Every 30 seconds or so Edge (mobile) Lumia 730 reloads the page I am reading. Clearing cashe and history does not help even for a minute.
    Any other ideas? :)
    07-11-2017 01:33 PM
  5. taynjack's Avatar
    I've had this problem too. My fix has been to use reading view for articles. It doesn't refresh in this section leading me to believe it is the ads that cause the reboots. Although this doesn't help for video. I've stopped even trying to watch embedded videos the problem is so bad. Just tried the history and cache delete. We'll see if that helps.
    07-13-2017 09:39 AM
  6. jeffchapik's Avatar
    The problem with reading mode is that sometimes it doesn't display everything on the page, such as the comments section. This bug pretty much renders Edge useless for trying to read anything on your phone, and proves to me that no one at Microsoft actually uses WM on a regular basis. This bug has been around forever, and no one with any say-so within that organization would tolerate it if they actually used it.

    I agree that it seems to be the constantly updating ads that cause it.
    07-13-2017 10:04 AM
  7. taynjack's Avatar
    Agreed that this problem has been around way longer than any sane company would allow if they really believed in their product. Ready to jump back to Android. Not by choice, but because it feels like Microsoft is intentionally pushing me there.
    07-13-2017 11:33 AM

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