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    I only have this problem with MS Edge. I have provided a .png file to help.
    I go to MSNBC for example, and attempt to unlock their videos through the TV Providers login page. Everything goes well except that I end up at my MSNBC page and it still asks me to log in with my TV Provider.

    I cleared the cache and, well, chose everything to clear, History and all, from Edge but this login page still does not work with MS Edge.

    To be clear, IE11, Chrome, Firefox, all do not have this problem with the TV Providers page, only Edge does.

    If you are familiar with this particular issue, please respond. If you are going to just post guesses, please preface your post with: THIS IS JUST A GUESS. Thank you because I may still follow your suggestion.

    I WILL NOT follow wacky advice such as hunting down guesses in my REGISTRY (RegEdit) and blowing that up for this annoying, but inconsequential issue (inconsequential in the vast scheme of things anyway).

    My sincerest thanks.

    P.S. By the way, if I have to wait months or even years for a suitable answer, so be it. The sky isn't falling or anything like that.
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    06-11-2017 02:31 PM

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