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    So, I've just install FCU and I've decided to give edge a real try and not just use chrome. I don't have a problem with chrome, I just want to give edge a real chance now that it is not just on Windows Phone but also on Android. So, I've done a ton of searching on the web and there are a few tutorials on how to import chrome passwords into Edge, but none of them seem to work. I don't know if this is a google thing, or a recent change to chrome but going through the steps in Edge to import passwords just seems to ignore the passwords. It gets the bookmarks (which I don't really care about of course).

    I've gone so far as install canary but that didn't really help either, has anyone else tried this recently? had an success with it? With canary I was able to export the passwords to a file, but I don't see a way to import the actual file into Edge...

    10-21-2017 08:11 PM

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