1. niyoko's Avatar
    SMS messaging is finally coming to the IS12T on the AU KDDI network. :)

    My wife and I got updates for our IS12Ts this week that has enabled SMS messaging.
    The update is not just for Windows Phone, but for all of the other phones that were also limited by the lack of SMS support on the AU KDDI network, like the iPhone.

    AU KDDI network uses a internal network messaging system called C-Mail. It uses the phone number to send short text messages only to other AU members. A message service uses phone calling time and not packets (Yes, packets. AU still measures data in packets, not MB or GB.).

    According to @tezawaly at nanapho.jp , the update is being released in waves. Some areas won't see the update until as late as July 2012.

    From my experience it works great. Though every time I send a SMS I immediately get a confirmation SMS back. It's really annoying. I imagine it is for testing purposes, and that it is not something limited to Windows Phone on the AU KDDI network.
    01-25-2012 03:02 AM