1. tbonenga's Avatar
    I downloaded the demo a couple days ago. i just maxed out Need for Speed and went to buy it but there's no buy option. I then went thru the market and its gone. Does anybody know whats up????
    08-13-2011 08:15 PM
  2. furygoalbrtis39's Avatar
    Not on mine in the US, so it was probably pulled for maintenance
    08-14-2011 12:03 AM
  3. Terrin's Avatar
    still not back so either pulled for maintenace or its been pulled due to licensing agreements
    08-14-2011 08:24 AM
  4. tbonenga's Avatar
    I guess its gone.
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    08-14-2011 08:47 AM
  5. furygoalbrtis39's Avatar
    Well it and 2 other games were pulled, soo i think it was a licensing thing
    08-14-2011 01:35 PM
  6. Terrin's Avatar
    as I said in my comments I checked the ios marketplace and they were removed from there as well. So I agree pretty sure thq lost the star wars mobile license, and iplay most likely lost there fast and furious license from universal
    08-14-2011 02:50 PM
  7. tbonenga's Avatar
    Well I had the demo of all 3 games. Just got fast & furious a couple days ago. Anyway I was able to buy the star wars games thru the link in the demos. Unfortunately no link in the one I wanted.
    08-14-2011 10:36 PM
  8. Terrin's Avatar
    So it was confirmed that fast & furious, star wars catina and star wars battle for hoth was pulled off all mobile platforms for licensing microsoft got the word today,

    confrimed by karl stricker (head of xbox live on mobile platforms) on twitter
    08-15-2011 03:04 PM
  9. selfcreation's Avatar
    stupid. why realse a game if your gona lose the liceine and have to pull the game .....

    and why remove a licen when you have it?? stupid lucas films .. stupid universal.
    08-15-2011 03:15 PM
  10. Terrin's Avatar
    in iplays and thqs defense.

    These games were out on the ios for 2-3 years (as hoth alone was on iphones for 2+ years)

    and thq never renewed there star wars license and iplay didn't see the sales across the board on f&f they were hoping for so they didn't renew with universal so cant really blame luucasarts and universal for other companys from letting the license expire.
    08-15-2011 03:32 PM
  11. tbonenga's Avatar
    ok maybe im wrong but on the iphone, android and even stream they save the files and you can re-download any game you've bought. MS needs this feature bad. they also need cloud game saves for the phone when the release it for the xbox. i've got a couple games i'm have way thru and my proximity switch went bad. ive got top either keep a defective phone until i finish the games or start over.
    08-27-2011 05:59 PM
  12. Terrin's Avatar
    not sure abpuit android but ios dosnt have a way to download something u previously had on ur phone so if its gone off the martetplace its gone, same thing with xbox sense launch if a arcade game u purchased is gone and u removed it you cannot redownload it
    09-03-2011 07:51 PM
  13. Paul Acevedo's Avatar
    Most purchased XBLA games can be redownloaded by looking at your download history list. There are a few instances where something like UMK3 can't be redownloaded period, but at least on 360 we can back up games on USB drives, etc.
    09-04-2011 12:54 AM