1. Chimera778's Avatar
    I am currently using an android phone, but I am very interested in the new Windows phones when mango is out. So I was wondering if the following games were available for windows phone or if anyone knew if they would be.

    Cut the Rope
    Fruit Ninja
    Atomic Bomber
    Bunny Mania (its like the old Lemmings game)
    Stupid Zombies
    Gem Miner
    Paradise Island
    Homerun Battle 3d
    Words with Friends

    These are the games that I have most use for on my android phone and I wonder which if any are on Windows as well

    Thank you!
    09-13-2011 03:33 PM
  2. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    Fruit Ninja
    Words By Post (Cross Platform WWF clone)

    Don't think the others have arrived yet Chimera778
    09-13-2011 03:37 PM