1. Xtian80's Avatar
    So, I am new to WP7 but not to Xbox, my question is...I remember that you were supposed to be able to buy a game once and have it available on xbox, pc and WP7...is this true? and if so, what games can I do this with? Thanks...sorry if this is already answered somewhere, I did search but wasn't sure exactly what to search for so I got a lot of results. Thank you for your help
    11-20-2011 09:25 PM
  2. 1jaxstate1's Avatar
    There's not many games that actually use this yet. Full House Poke is one, Sentient Fusion is another that ties directly in to the xbox counterpart. I don't know of anymore. IloMilo was said it to have this feature, but it's not there yet.
    11-20-2011 10:04 PM
  3. Xtian80's Avatar
    Ah thats too bad but thank you for the info
    11-20-2011 10:07 PM
  4. selfcreation's Avatar
    and and BTW. you need to buy it for each system ,,,, it’s not buy once ,, its buy 3 time..... lol

    the first REAL one we will get is: WOWOWORLD its a full out RPG you will be able to play on WP76 and PC (exactly the same game )

    i haven’t seen an update on it in months and at the time it seem to be chine’s only.

    Kinect animal , Fusion Genesis , Fable Coin Golf , Full house poker and Project sunburn (which is no longer available)
    11-21-2011 12:37 PM
  5. Bballbenb's Avatar
    This is one area Microsoft really needs to pick it up in. Def need to be like iCloud and get this feature rolling.
    11-21-2011 12:44 PM
  6. selfcreation's Avatar
    Actually Icloud is a rip off of MS ,, HAHAHA they copied MS but it seems like they can do more witch is not true, its just cause its allot easier to have a ecosystem between Iphone , Ipad , Ipod

    then it is with WP7 ,XBOX , PC

    Iphone product ALL run the Very similar OS compare to Xbox , WP7 and PC which are all completely different and much harder

    Just seems like Apple is doing more cause its easier and less time consuming. MS is taking more time but will be MUCH better.
    11-21-2011 12:49 PM