1. Terrin's Avatar
    So new games that are coming

    pool pro online wp7lynx

    galaga legion dx wp7lynx

    Ashpalt 5( this is now new as it was announced with the original launch list of xbox titles for the phone ) wp7lynx

    little acorns (wp7lynx)

    I would give the xbox.com links to them but I can't due to work blocking those sites :S

    Also the achievements for sally spa, gun bros are on xbox.com meaning the title could be out soon, as long as it dosn't pull a loondon
    07-01-2012 09:46 PM
  2. vp710's Avatar
    What about Mirror's Edge. Wasn't it supposed to come to WP?
    07-01-2012 10:55 PM
  3. Terrin's Avatar
    yea that was announceda nd the achievos are up for it as we don't get a release sheculde for the phone we just gotta wait on that one (its soppose to be a nokia exclusive for 3-6 months though)
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    07-02-2012 12:18 AM
  4. btbam91's Avatar
    Where's my Carcassonne. :(
    07-02-2012 08:47 PM
  5. EAA575's Avatar
    Where's my Shoot 1UP? It seems like whenever an Xbox live game is announced (with the exception of being next week's game of the week), it takes forever to be released. How come?

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    07-09-2012 12:38 PM
  6. Terrin's Avatar
    these games do take time to make plus certifiation can take over a month if things go wrong, besides that its like a xbox 360 or pc game I mean look at assasins creed 3 was announced over a year ago and still isn't out same with splinter cell it was announced last month for next march, they say its coming that can take 1-2 years
    07-09-2012 01:37 PM
  7. TaliZorah's Avatar
    Where's my Carcassonne. :(
    I'm with you on this. It's an amazing game!
    07-09-2012 06:43 PM
  8. sdreamer's Avatar
    Still waiting for Sonic 4 Episode 2....
    07-10-2012 12:05 AM
  9. Terrin's Avatar
    still waiting to see if sonic 2 will have the if I purcahsed on xbox I get it on phoen sense it uses cloud saves (most likely not cheap bastards)
    07-10-2012 09:35 PM
  10. htchd7's Avatar
    People say windowsphone7 is d iPhone killer but I don't see how that's possible wen they kip creating dusty nd uninteresting games and apps alike, go into Xbox live for games nd u will almost puke at the crap they call games... Poor gaming poor apps will always b the reason hackers will Continue to install android windows phones....
    08-11-2012 04:04 AM
  11. AndrionGames's Avatar
    Thanks for the info!
    03-18-2016 05:25 AM