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    I know this game isn't new, but it's probably my favorite Windows Phone game, having played both of the GameCube games. I'm interested to see if I'm not the only one who loves this game.

    My problem was I had no idea how to unlock the 2nd (technically 3rd) world, Pirates Ocean. I beat the 1st world, Jumbo Jungle, then unlocked the "bonus" world, Far East, beat it, and then no other worlds were unlocked. What are you supposed to do to unlock the next world? This was really bothering me, because I love this game. What I stupidly didn't realize is that after you beat levels 1-10 of Jumbo Jungle, you unlock both the Far East and levels 11-20 of Jumbo Jungle.

    Obviously, I highly recommend this game. It's so unlike the first one, but is quality and has great gameplay. It also has good features like saving replays, quickplay mode, and the minigames. Nice game, but I don't know what to do next right now. If anyone has had the same problem and could let me know, or could clear up the issue, that would be awesome.
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