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    So, in honor of the news post today I thought it would be fun to throw around some games that NEED Achievements. Feels like a topic that might have been thrown around already but looked back to May and didn't see anything.

    Couple of games that come to mind for me:

    Armed. Obviously...for anyone that has played it. It is well put together and could get a lot of notice going LIVE.

    Tanks. A turn-based strategy game where you go head to head against others trying to wipe them from the map. Needs a touch better visuals but it has great gameplay.

    Taptitude. Would be hard for them as they update nearly every month if not more, so for that reason I do not think they will do it.

    Flow. Simple puzzle game that is on all platforms. Easy to make up achievements for it, would be similar to Glow Artisan.
    08-28-2012 09:37 AM