1. dipayanster's Avatar
    I want to get a racer. I am using WP7.8 on Nokia Lumia 710.
    I see there are three options: NFS Undercover, NFS Hot Pursuit and Asphalt 5.
    Which one of these theree has best graphics, gameplay and replay value?
    also any one of these has online competitive mode?
    01-21-2013 01:28 AM
  2. Abdul Rahman Noor's Avatar
    I wasn't even aware there was an NFS:Undercover for WP8 (or maybe it's just compatible only with 7.5-7.8)

    I tried the trial version and between the two I prefer Asphalt - the graphics seem nicer, the controls better, and overall more nicer. I must admit I'm not a HUGE gamer although I do like racing games, and my view neither Asphalt nor Hot Pursuit are really awesome - or at least good enough to purchase. Asphalt 7 on android seems in a completely different league and it makes me mad that we WP-ers are stuck on last century games.

    Would be interesting to see a good racing game on the WP8 platform.
    01-21-2013 03:01 PM
  3. dipayanster's Avatar
    ok, i checked out all three and here is the summary:
    asphalt's graphics is sub par. undercover's graphics is nice no doubt, but gameplay is way too easy and the carrier mode is very short and there is nothing to do after finishing carrier.
    hot pursuit has best graphics of these three and game play is challenging to the point that it feels like playing a true pc version of nfs. There are two different independent progression tree in carrier mode (cop/ racer) not including custom racing set up using user defined parameters for free run ...lots of unlockable cars and tracks which needs serious grinding - ideal for casual gamers, it will keep you engaged for a very long time. only thing i miss in it is canyon duel mode of carbon :). after a couple of rounds of trial i went ahead and bought it and uninstalled the trials of asphalt and undercover.
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    01-21-2013 03:07 PM
  4. havox22's Avatar
    If you can, wait for asphalt 7 to come to WP8. It has already been announced but not the release date. I have it on my iPod, and it is a very good, with good graphics.
    01-21-2013 08:10 PM
  5. dipayanster's Avatar
    I am sticking to wp7 as off now and i doubt asphalt 7 will come to wp7.8. So hot pursuit it is.
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    01-22-2013 08:27 AM
  6. uselessrobot's Avatar
    I'm not bothering with any of the racing games until something new comes along. Asphalt seems to be the better looking of the three, but considering I've had Asphalt 5 on my iPad for well over a year it's unacceptable going back a version. Not to mention that I didn't find Asphalt 6 to be all that good of a game. It's fun for a bit, but eventually gets very tedious.

    Honestly, I don't think any of the three games are particularly good. But I have even less confidence in EA than Gameloft.
    01-22-2013 10:27 AM

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