1. snowwake8's Avatar
    Bring on II, III, IV!
    04-22-2013 01:32 AM
  2. WhippedKream's Avatar
    Bring on II, III, IV!
    I'm not SUGGESTING anything but.... Roms are pretty cool with an SNES8X emulator on windows phone ya know??? :P
    04-22-2013 01:36 AM
  3. snowwake8's Avatar
    Nice! Now how do I get games??
    04-22-2013 01:51 AM
  4. WhippedKream's Avatar
    Nice! Now how do I get games??
    Search websites about roms and you'll find them right away. Not too sure if I can post them, but there are some rom hustlers out there, and emulator paradise can be found if you look deep within the internet, if you catch my drift ;)
    04-22-2013 02:10 AM
  5. WhippedKream's Avatar
    SkyDrive uploading them is the only way to get them working so yeah, do that and let the fun begin :D. FF III is my all time favorite! (SNES version that is). Along with FF 9 on PS1. I'm a final fantasy fan so I've played them all ;) haha
    04-22-2013 02:12 AM
  6. snowwake8's Avatar
    Omfg got final fantasy II and III so stoked! This is the best! Thank you!!!
    04-22-2013 02:14 AM
  7. WhippedKream's Avatar
    You're very welcome! Anything to spread the joy of playing the best games known to mankind! Amazing and deep plots with playback value. Hahaha enjoy!
    04-22-2013 02:27 AM

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