1. rafimd2's Avatar
    Hi just open kingdoms & lords game on my nokia lumia 620
    there are lot of diamonds showing idon't know how to come lot of diamonds?
    see this wp_ss_20131119_0004.pngClick image for larger version. 

Name:	wp_ss_20131119_0004.png 
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Size:	734.0 KB 
ID:	50016
    11-19-2013 12:29 PM
  2. Lendo's Avatar
    Better use em up before they disappear LOL
    iAdrian23 and rafimd2 like this.
    11-20-2013 02:25 AM
  3. Valerone's Avatar
    This happened to me as well. I am using Nokia Lumia 920.

    I think I blocked it from running in the background previously, the next thing I know when I got into the game, it mentioned that I have 'purchased' 186,818,444 diamonds out of nowhere.

    So 1000 diamonds = 69.99

    I would need 13,058,609.24 to purchase that lot.

    I hope that Gameloft won't charge them to me.
    11-24-2013 12:07 PM
  4. coip's Avatar
    What happens if you spend a diamond? Does the counter go from 130,374,246 to 130,374,245? If so, lucky you and I'd spend as many diamonds as possible as soon as possible. You could blow through this game in a few hours (instead of weeks) with all those diamonds.
    11-27-2013 02:14 PM
  5. ankyhere's Avatar
    Loool! I got more than you...all i did is uninstall some app, clear temp storage and yes i already blocked it from background process...lol im rich!! Just don't worry...they are NOT going to charge you at all, feel free to save it in cloud storage..
    12-13-2013 02:48 PM
  6. ankyhere's Avatar
    Yeah, i already wasted ALOT! In decorations and land..
    12-13-2013 02:50 PM
  7. Mavee Shah's Avatar
    Hey friends I received a gift of 15billion diamonds today is there anyone else who had received it
    01-02-2014 10:07 AM
  8. crisstianz's Avatar
    Man, how I would like this to happen to me too. I've tried all of the above. Doesn't work... And without diamonds it's really hard to play competitive...
    02-06-2014 01:17 PM
  9. ankyhere's Avatar
    Try playin it with slow internet connection..or switch to "2G" in settings..

    Sent from my RM-846_im_india_233 using Tapatalk
    02-08-2014 05:20 AM
  10. JackFr0st's Avatar
    plz send me some diamonds as gift...
    02-18-2014 11:09 AM
  11. JackFr0st's Avatar
    I can't get those diamonds . I have tried everything mentioned here...
    02-18-2014 11:10 AM
  12. Mavee Shah's Avatar
    I reached 40th level with no effort in a couple of days cause of these diamonds...lovely feeling...!
    03-08-2014 07:50 AM
  13. Leon Malinda's Avatar
    This also happened to me. It started a few months ago.
    I first got about 60 free diamonds and thought it was a gift, so I carried on playing (I never disabled the background task btw)

    About a month later, I got 230 free diamonds and carried on thinking it was the same thing as before. The game got alot more difficult and
    I stopped fighting people as I waited to level up and get even better warriors, however, this morning I opened the app and got the message
    telling me that I had successfully purchased 159,247,096 diamonds (and I never used real money on the game!).

    I am using a Lumia 820, I have no friends as neighbors in the game. I really wonder what is the cause of this...
    04-13-2014 09:11 AM
  14. t1mpster's Avatar
    This happened to me aswell this morning, "You have succesfully purchased 285282834 diamonds". Did they want you to pay for the purchase later? I'm not gonna pay for it.
    WILD FIGHTR likes this.
    04-15-2014 05:30 AM
  15. Denis Medina's Avatar
    excuse me as I do to get unlimited diamonds kingdoms & lords
    04-27-2014 03:08 PM
  16. MrWhiteman's Avatar
    Kingdoms and Lords is rubbish. Its all about Throne Wars now.
    04-27-2014 03:13 PM
  17. Vishwa Teja2's Avatar
    Hello, Can any one who got millions of diamonds send me 200 diamonds as gift? my gamertag is vishwatej
    05-01-2014 05:40 AM
  18. Vishwa Teja2's Avatar
    Hi, could you please send me some diamonds like 200 as a gift? my gamer tag is vishwatej :D
    05-01-2014 05:41 AM
  19. MrWhiteman's Avatar
    Hi, could you please send me some diamonds like 200 as a gift? my gamer tag is vishwatej :D
    People who used bug all that time ago got banned.
    05-01-2014 10:21 AM
  20. WILD FIGHTR's Avatar
    HI.. I am using kingdom and lords in my nokia lumia 620 .. i want free diamond bonus .. plz tell me how to get this..

    my gamer tag is - WILD FIGHTR
    12-07-2014 09:24 AM
  21. WILD FIGHTR's Avatar
    GIFT ME SOME DIAMONDs plzz.. my gamer tag is WILD FIGHTR..
    12-07-2014 09:27 AM

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