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    I own a Windows Phone 8 (NL620) and a Windows 8.1 laptop.
    I don't have an xbox but am a huge fan of xbox games on both windows devices.
    I wanted to ask some questions about xbox games,plz answer if you are aware of them.

    1-Today,I was playing "Skulls of the Shogun" on wp,awesome game but I have 1 concern,may sound strange coming from a Microsoft Studios game but that is the LANGUAGE.They have tried to hide really foul words by slight changes in spelling.It may be funny for a 17 year old guy like me but my 7 year old brother who was sitting beside me asked what is "cork shucking" (that's how it was spelt) and I was like "uh...uh..I will tell you later."Does anybody know the email address to contact the developers because I am sure children less than 14 also use wp and this kind of language is inappropriate in a kid's strategy game. :(

    2-Secondly,recently many games have been released for only 1GB ram devices like Temple Run 2(xbox) and other non-xbox games like Dungeon Hunter 4 ,Subway Surfers,Yeti on furry,Angry Birds Go,Skiing Fred(or something like that) which I would've liked to play as soon as they were released.Do you suggest that I should look for a 1GB ram wp(no contract,just buy) in my price range(around $300 if I get a good A-level result).If yes,then which one?

    3-Will xbox games on windows like "Gunstringer:Dead Man Running","Samurai vs Zombies defense","Monsters love candy","Reckless Racing" be ported to wp any time soon,or do the moderators/community on this forum have some email address to contact them?

    4-Any games xbox/nonxbox to be released in 2014?(I already know about GTA,Assassin's Creed:Pirates,Rayman Fiesta Run etc)

    5-On an offtopic note,Is any developer working on an N64 emulator,I use and love all the others :)

    I will be really thankful to anyone who answers any of these questions.
    P.S:-Sorry if my questions sound a bit stupid.
    12-26-2013 07:54 AM
  2. KrisJoeEll's Avatar
    2. I recommend you get yourself a device with 1GB ram. The cheapest 1GB Windows Phone is the soon to be released Lumia 525 ( +/- 150$). Its a budget model, so if you want more go for L925.
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    12-26-2013 09:08 AM

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