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    Hey everyone,

    I saw a post right here on WPCentral yesterday about the game Pastry Push which I had downloaded a while back on Blackberry 10. Having a Windows Phone in the household, I immediately downloaded it on the WP as well and am glad the devs have brought it to WP for us :D

    I want to be the first one to review this game, seeing as no one else has!

    I will be rating everything on a scale of 5, similar to WP Store ratings.

    Topics covered:
    • Gameplay
    • Graphics
    • Sounds + BGM
    • Playability
    • Miscellaneous

    Gameplay: 5/5

    The gameplay is really unique and simple. Using swipe gestures to slide the pastries around the maze is as simple as it could get. There are a number of obstacles that hinder you from reaching the monster Moko. Each level is interestingly different from the last. There's a scaling difficulty, and the later levels are REALLY a challenge to play. You couldn't ask for a more easy and relaxed game to play casually especially when travelling or in a class. Overall, 5 on 5.

    Graphics: 5/5

    In terms of graphics, it has really rich color schemes, and crisp texturing. The checkered floor is so intricate, I sometimes lose myself in each of the different tiles, and how much effort the artist must have put into each one. The monster Moko has really good animations. Sliding the different pastries each time offers us a cool 'spin' animation which really seems cool to me. I don't think anyone is going to differ with me on this topic, cause I think the graphics is the winning point of Pastry Push.

    Sounds + BGM: 5/5

    The introductory menus have a really catchy playful tune to them, which gears you up for a type of game like this.
    In game, there's a serene smooth background music, which helps you think, in my opinion.
    As far as in game sounds are, they are pretty good, fit well into the scene, and aren't off beat in any sense.

    Playability: 4/5

    This is the type of game that you can pick up almost any where at any time and play it. It doesn't require use of the gyroscope, or constant attention (as a runner would). You can play as time permits, although some levels have time based cherries! There are 81 levels to play, which is really a lot of content to play. But each level takes about a minute approximately, if you can get the solution, so it isn't THAT long of a game. But it's definitely a good time wasting challenge.

    Miscellaneous: 5/5

    This game has a trial version, which is really a feature of all paid games nowadays, but it gets points for that. It also supports live tiles for a live display of your cherry count.
    On other platforms Pastry Push supports gamepad and keyboard support, which is a great feature in my opinion especially for a casual board based game like this.


    I hope you guys really liked my small review of this game!

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    01-30-2014 03:24 AM
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    Thanks for reviewing Pastry Push! :) Feels great!

    Also, if the community wishes, I could create an official suggestion/discussion/bug post thread. << Someone quote me on this

    Thanks again mate!
    01-30-2014 11:38 AM

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