1. Arkadeep Haldar's Avatar
    Now tp2 is optimized for 512mb wp devices and it works perfect. Same should be done with subway surfers.
    05-25-2014 12:44 AM
  2. Aayam Gupta's Avatar
    it was released for 512 mb ram devices now they have just unpublished it again!
    05-25-2014 01:26 AM
  3. Arkadeep Haldar's Avatar
    It was unofficial .
    05-25-2014 02:50 AM
  4. Aayam Gupta's Avatar
    it was official i still have it!
    05-25-2014 12:07 PM
  5. Prasun Banerjee's Avatar
    @Aayam ... Even i still have it but that doesnt make it official ... it says Praveen Kumar in the opening screen !!!
    05-26-2014 12:29 AM
  6. teckris's Avatar
    Temple Run 2 finally arrives for 512 MB Windows Phones | Windows Phone Central
    Remember when Temple Run 2 came out in December with Xbox Live? It launched without support for low-memory devices like the Lumia 520. That changes today with the latest update for Temple Run 2. Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll be able to pick up Temple Run 2 for your 512 MB Windows Phone.
    Temple Run 2 | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    Imangi Studios, LLC
    05-26-2014 01:22 AM
  7. broar94's Avatar
    ^^^ believe the topic I'd about subway surfer 2

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    teckris likes this.
    05-26-2014 01:26 PM
  8. Aayam Gupta's Avatar
    yeah sorry i was actually confused by MEMEO and KILOO! :o
    yeah its the unofficial one!
    05-27-2014 01:46 PM
  9. Prasun Banerjee's Avatar
    And there's hope ... Joe Belfiore's tweet today ... Subway Surfers for 512 RAM devices is coming ...
    06-11-2014 03:20 AM
  10. BRC1711's Avatar
    And there's hope ... Joe Belfiore's tweet today ... Subway Surfers for 512 RAM devices is coming ...
    He didn't say that :/
    06-11-2014 03:44 AM
  11. amitnahar's Avatar
    He didn't say that :/

    Yes he said. Check out the WPC post.
    06-11-2014 07:35 AM

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