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    Hi WP Central Community,

    usually I just read the news section of wpcentral and didn't take a closer look on the forums until now,
    but I wanted to present to you my second Windows Phone 8 game:


    Stickman cannoneer | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store



    Shoot the ragdoll with your cannon and try to overcome the many unique obstacle courses in each level. Gather bonus points by collection the two additional little Stars hidden behind even more obstacles to unlock more of the 40 included levels.

    40 extremely unique levels
    Many different obstacles including: reversed Gravity, flying Soap Bubbles, seesaws and many more
    simple, yet beautiful hand-drawn graphics
    hand-made sounds

    The first 15 levels are completely free without ads or anything limiting your fun.
    After that, unlock every current and every future level via In-App Purchase for just 0.99 ONCE and have unlimited game access with no annoying ingame currencies or micro-transactions needed to proceed playing.

    I made this game completely on my own, but used few free art assets I simply wasn't able to create on my own, you can look those up in the credits section of the settings page.
    I'd appreciate any feedback given to me in this thread and if you enjoy the game it would be nice if you could give my game an appropriate rating in the Store.

    Thanks for reading and have fun playing ;)
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    07-29-2014 11:19 AM

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