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    It is my pleasure to announce that Empires Legion and Hylian Knights merged to create new place for most active and chatty players. 😎

    If You like not only to play a game actively but also to talk (a lot) with people from all around the world here is the place for You!

    Our new alliance is based on belief that in this game social activity is the most important aspect of the game and it guarantee in game activity too. Since we still don't have in game chat we made one for ourselves!(with Line app).

    1. Minimum crown limit 500. And each week it will be raised by 75 crowns.
    2. It is required, that You will join and introduce yourself on our Line chat.
    3. Be friendly, active and not afraid to go crazy on chat 😁

    How to join chat:
    1. Download Line app and register.
    2. Add one of our lords(pranaykarani, Reynard(in Line tag reynard), Elusory(in Line tag thb03) or me(in Line tag haseeb97) as a friend and ask for invite.
    3. Introduce Yourself and have fun!

    Important update! Since we are closed now all invites will be given through Line chat. Moreover all current members have to register on chat too if You haven't done it already.
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    10-20-2014 07:46 AM
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    Important message!
    Are You a new and active Player? You can't match our draconian limits but want to be a part of our community? We have something especially for You.😎 We just started Hylian Legion 2 where any player can join and be part of our craziness in chat 😊 . If You are over 200c, lord rank guaranteed.
    Message FullyTorqu3d on Line app and join our community under his lead. I hope You will chase after us and kick our asses!😁
    10-24-2014 07:22 AM

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