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    Modern Combat 5 didn't have a try option yet its unplayable, So WHY am I writing this? because no one listened, all of my complaints went to deaf ears and it seems no one believes or cares about this, so I ask of you all who have the Lumia 1520/930/Icon to report the games that lag both via rating and via (Report concern to Microsoft) in the details tap in the games that lag, choose Poor Performance as a concern and submit it.

    Try to whirl things up, post your laggy gaming experience on Vine or Instagram, and share them with @WindowsPhoneSupport and @windowsphone @gameloft and specially @joebelfiore, It also helps to get the attention of @Daniel Rubino, @Markquim and @samsabri because when those complained about something more often than not it GOT RESOLVED.
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    I had to stop reading when I read that you think WP in its current state is using "directx12. Directx12 isn't out and it will only be available when w10 is out. Where are you getting this information? Also, how do you blame windows phone for performance issues that's caused by developers laziness to update their apps.

    Gameloft is one of the word when it comes to updating. GT racing has a text corruption bug, only on 1520, after cyan update and they haven't updated it to correct this. The dark night has severe stutter issues, only when moving or panning the camera.

    These are developer issues and making it worse because they're not updating these apps as fast as MS is updating the OS. Honestly, you need to go to the uservoice site and post this there.
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    10-23-2014 09:35 PM
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    I remembered that WP8.1 was supposed to debute with a light version of Directx12 and once the update hit and games got ruined (even old games now run in a funny way like they are in compatibility mode in the DOS era :D) I just assumed it debuted.

    I kind of disagree, you can't convince people to come to your party and then when they doو you decide to paint the house, this is what happened here, a big update that didn't take into account how weak the ecosystem is and how important compatibility with old apps that didn't get updated are, this is just shortsighted and if honestly if you don't complain to Microsoft you'll not get results as Gameloft gave deaf ears to Modern Combat 4 for so long we didn't even get any UPDATE!
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    I have been complaining about this for a long time. Part of it is the developers (really I blame them mostly), while the other part is definitely Microsoft and them coming out with hardware that is nearly outdated from the gate. The 920 is more than perfectly capable of handling high-end games, yet it lags like crazy on Modern Combat 5 (and I thought Modern Combat 4 was bad until playing that game), yet a Galaxy S3 could play it (with the same exact chipset as the 920). All it takes is optimization and developers don't care and give us lazy ports and expect us to be grateful we even get attention.

    App quality is really the only complaint I have with Windows Phone right now, and Microsoft doesn't seem to put much effort into changing that...
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    10-23-2014 09:55 PM
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    I tried Fifa15 but decided to continue playing 14. The main reason was performance, the game starts fine but after a few minutes of playing it becomes slow on the Samsung Ativ S Neo (Sprint), besides of that I had too many can't connect to the server issues. Fifa14 runs perfectly fine for me.
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    11-20-2014 05:48 PM

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