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    So,After loosing and wining a lot of Tournament and matches. I've finally managed to finish all tournament and matches of Dream soccer league and took me about a month to finish.As I m a football fan so I really enjoy playing it.So here are opinions on this game.

    ‪#‎INTRO‬- Dream League Soccer is about your dream football team and be best team on the planet.There are Total ‪#‎4Division‬ after that you will be able to play ‪#‎International‬ matches and then ‪#‎All70s‬ after that ‪#‎Firsttouchunited‬ and lastly u have to play with your ‪#‎own‬ team. You have to win each division to proceed to other division. And this the End of this game.

    ‪#‎StartyourGame‬- Now,When you start the game you're the manager of a team called Dream Fc,( You can edit your team name,logo,and kit from 'my club'.) which will have random players within the squad , you have to manage your club by signing new players. Means main feature of this game is management feature where you start of with a basic team and build your own team. For building a perfect team you will need coins. Coins can be earned by winning games according to season objective. You can also purchase coins for real time money.Spend these coins for signing,training and as well as upgrading your stadium.You can also train your players( individual or entire team) with these coins. But what i thought is signing a Good player is far better than giving training to individual player or entire team.There is also a practice session also,use this section to practise your players for free kick,Corners,Taking Penalties etc .More you practice more u understand how to play the game.Free kicks,Corners and taking penalties are become quite easy when you practice more.

    ‪#‎TeamManagement‬ - In this section you can see your All team players and current playing 11 players.You can see and compare the strength of a players.From here you can choose which player play will play in the next match. As i said this game is basically a team management game,So singing a good player is very important. More better players in your squad,better chance to win.

    ‪#‎TheControl‬ -The Control in game are quite simple and easy to use,but if it is your first time,you feel some difficulty but don't be panic ,you will manage to use the control very well. Now,for me control are quite easy to use. There are total four virtual keys to control the your players.
    Key A- Used it for shoot/hard kick while attacking.When defending use it to sliding tackle.
    Key B-When Attacking Used it to Giving pass .While defending Used it to pressure on opponent players.
    Key C-When Attacking Used it for lobbed shot.While defending Used it for switch player.
    Ring key-Used it to move your player.
    By tackling you will easily get the ball from opponents.For first tackling is quite difficult me as i always break the legs of opponent players and received a yellow or red card.So very careful while tackling as if it go wrong you will received two different colour of cards.
    You should have also care full while passing the ball to your teammates as if you didn't put enough power on the ball then it just rolls out in front of opponent.So put a enough power on ball(long pass) then the ball actually go to the player you are aiming for.
    Shooting is kinda strange within the game as some time you can make excellent goals and some time your player seems to be blind. So while making goals always use a Good Strength players.(i always use messi or pele to score a goal).A good thing is that you can save your goal replays
    some ball skills/tricks help you to easily dribble the ball from opponents player , you can swipe up to do a rainbow,swipe down to do a maradona,swipe sideways to do a scissor and double click to do a trick.

    ‪#‎Graphics‬- The graphics on the game seems to be pretty good but none of the players really look like they are in real life which is sort of a disappointment but what do you expect from a 106 mb of game.?but overall graphics are superb.

    ‪#‎Features‬ need to add in next update-
    1. Option to share replays via email or on YouTube as in iphone/ipad.
    2.Online multiplayer option where you can take the team you have built on the offline take them online to play against people all over the world.

    ‪#‎Conclusion‬ -My opinion on dream soccer league is good to download and play it in you free time.But I recommended that for Higher level matches like Elite division or international matches or All70s, you have to fully built your team And gives more attention to these matches as they only ever score when you make a mistake in your area.So overall this is an enjoyable game.
    01-09-2015 11:56 AM

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