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    Hey, guy. Our latest SLG game Star Lord Legend now is available in Windows store!
    The story takes place in the turbulent space where your character is the commander of a space base.Your target is to protect and improve your base as well as fight with other space fleets for rare resources to survive and do all those constructions to make your base a better one.
    There're both story mode and PVP mode in the game.

    In story mode, you need to lead your fleets to finish a series of battles against NPCs. The start levels are easy while it goes harder then and step by step you would get to know why universe became like this.
    In the PVP mode you would be competing with real online players. It would be challenging to test your strategy and whether you've build an invincible fleet.
    The game offers all kinds of buildings and warships with plenty of upgrades. Meanwhile, it would be helpful to upgrade skills of the commander. For example, if you upgrade the dominance of the commander, dispatch unites would increase while your success rate would also increase.
    You could add friends and create your own guild. Players in the same guild could help each other's upgrading and gain maximum benefits in the guilds war. The chat support would allow guild members and individuals to share experience and tricks.


    Please note :This is our Beta test version.After the test all your data in the game would be deleted.Welcome to send us feedback.Thank you.
    02-19-2016 04:03 AM

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