1. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    Just sharing that the beta dashboard tile has now appeared on the UK dashboard for any brave souls to try if they are a glutton for punishment.
    It's easy to spot, it's a controller.

    Have fun everyone if you are giving it a whirl.
    07-05-2013 05:59 AM
  2. DJRedLine's Avatar
    I will give it a go when I get home from work as I have tested all other dashboard updates previously.

    Annoyed that is done through the dashboard instead of via the normal connect.microsoft website as you will get people testing but not actually providing any feedback and then complaining when things don't work correctly.
    07-05-2013 08:50 AM
  3. RandomNinjaAtk's Avatar
    Already signed up!
    07-05-2013 03:38 PM
  4. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    Yep the Beta channel has appeared for me now on the dashboard, how exciting!
    I just love these geeky Beta thangs!
    07-05-2013 03:43 PM
  5. spaulagain's Avatar
    Signed up earlier day, can't wait for the beta release!
    07-05-2013 03:55 PM

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