05-27-2019 04:59 AM
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  1. greedo_greedy's Avatar
    I'm already on my second playthrough in The Witcher 2 Assassin of Kings for the Xbox 360
    I cannot believe I've had this game in my closet for two years.

    It ain't the PC version but achievements are always an incentive to play hehe.
    12-07-2016 07:36 AM
  2. Nithinvenu's Avatar
    Darksider and call Of duty
    12-13-2016 10:21 PM
  3. poparaadnan's Avatar
    Dirty Bomb (daily)
    Multiple others from time to time hahah
    12-16-2016 10:10 AM
  4. Fayer's Avatar
    Although it's an old post, but it's good to share back; I'm playing now these games :
    -PES 2017
    - Call of duty - infinite war
    - Deus X
    - Quantum Break
    - Mirror Edge Catalyst

    That's good for now (^o^)
    12-17-2016 03:30 AM
  5. poparaadnan's Avatar
    Saints Row The Third
    12-18-2016 11:29 AM
  6. Ed Boland's Avatar
    Still playing No Man's Sky! Totally hooked since the Foundation update. Love the base building and all the Mods!

    I've also been getting back into Skyrim since the new Special Edition release. Did I mention I love MODS?!!

    DOOM (2016) - Just purchased the third and final MP DLC! Game is just incredible and quite the change of pace when I need to switch from my "chill No Man's Sky gaming mode" to an all out Frag-fest full of adrenaline!

    Fallout 4 - been experimenting with some different mods

    Astroneer - A new early access game that caught my eye on Steam. It's a space/survival/exploration type game.
    12-21-2016 11:28 AM
  7. gedzum's Avatar
    Giving The Division another runaround since the updates. Also doing a coop game of Torchlight 2 with my cousin when we're both free.
    12-22-2016 02:07 PM
  8. poparaadnan's Avatar
    Serious Sam BFE
    12-23-2016 02:16 PM
  9. Rich Edmonds's Avatar
    Skyrim Special Edition with a few more mods installed (desperately holding out for SKSE and Sky .
    01-08-2017 03:33 PM
  10. piccoro's Avatar
    Unfortunately.....still WoW. Having Fun though
    01-10-2017 01:28 PM
  11. ira0523's Avatar
    Warframe from steam. Also some classics like the first call of duty, StarCraft, red alert. I'm living a nostalgia
    01-20-2017 07:07 PM
  12. poparaadnan's Avatar
    Tried playing AC3 but it was too buggy so I gave up. For now, Paladins only.
    01-24-2017 05:28 PM
  13. ML10's Avatar
    Insurgency. Great game. Been looking at elite dangerous, might get it.
    01-24-2017 08:50 PM
  14. darkdeath174's Avatar
    Granblue Fantasy via the Chrome App. Which I will miss once Chrome apps are dead, I don't want to use the site version.
    01-25-2017 03:18 AM
  15. 920Walker's Avatar
    Recently finished up Uncharted 4 and the Bloodborne DLC, now halfway through Dark Souls 3. Shield over pistol any day.
    01-25-2017 11:25 AM
  16. badelhas's Avatar
    The new Doom? How is it?
    It's very good, I recommend it.

    01-29-2017 05:14 PM
  17. Frans van Bellen's Avatar
    Shield over pistol any day.
    I used to agree, but after finishing Dark Souls 3 I decided to NG+ Bloodborne. That made me realise Bloodborne just plays so much better than Dark Souls 3. Especially since the later half of DS3 gets really draggy. There's a couple of cool locations in the endgame, but apart from those they seem to have run out of ideas after the Aldrich fight.
    01-30-2017 02:11 AM
  18. poparaadnan's Avatar
    Far Cry Blood Dragon and Paladins :D
    01-31-2017 12:11 PM
  19. badelhas's Avatar
    Far Cry Blood Dragon and Paladins :D
    Love the 80´s look and feel of Blood Dragon, it was an original experience, so hard to find these days. The other one I dont know it, what´s it about?

    02-05-2017 12:17 AM
  20. poparaadnan's Avatar
    Love the 80´s look and feel of Blood Dragon, it was an original experience, so hard to find these days. The other one I dont know it, what´s it about?

    It's Overwatch clone but it's f2p. Not bad tbh but not that good either.
    02-07-2017 02:55 PM
  21. greedo_greedy's Avatar
    I just recently beat Alan Wake for the second time. It is so much better the second time in my experience, a real gem.

    Currently playing Disney Infinity 3.0 on my Xbone and replaying Gears of War 3 as well.
    02-28-2017 12:53 PM
  22. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
    Elite Dangerous and Final Fantasy XIV. Will be getting back into Euro Truck Simulator once I have a wheel and a way to use VR via my Lumia 950...
    Ed Boland likes this.
    03-12-2017 10:44 AM
  23. Angry_Mushroom's Avatar
    Enjoying Nier: Automata. It's a seriously nice looking game, and the story is proving to be quite interesting.
    03-19-2017 09:26 AM
  24. Ed Boland's Avatar
    Witcher III Wild Hunt - been getting into lately since I figured out how to use the NVIDIA Ansel thing... which is just amazing!

    Fallout 4
    Elite Dangerous
    Space Engineers
    Doom 2016 (of course!)

    ^^^Those are what I've been playing mostly, and then.... Hello Games released the new Pathfinder Update for No Man's Sky.... and I've just been completely immersed and captivated! We have new vehicles, a new "photo mode" (much like Nvidia's Ansel system!) which is completely amazing! Plus tons of other new features!!

    03-19-2017 10:15 AM
  25. Ed Boland's Avatar
    It's so good (IMO), that I've actually been kicking around the idea of building a new gaming rig. My aging
    i7 920/GTX970/8GB machine does ok, but I want MORE!
    03-19-2017 10:18 AM
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