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    So I didn't see any meaningful discussion about Call of Duty in here, so I thought I'd throw out this article (with a couple of lengthy gameplay videos) and start the chatter: Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction – New Gameplay Footage Revealed | DSOGaming | The Dark Side Of Gaming

    Now I've played pretty much all of the games in the franchise, the exceptions being the first one and World at War (which I played, like, one round of zombies and one or two of multiplayer). I played loads of the rest, even beating Big Red One on PS2. Oh, I didn't play more than a dozen games of multiplayer on MW3 because it was THAT bad, but I did beat the campaign. I like both Black Ops games, liked MW2 at the time (hate it in hindsight), and really liked 2 and 4. Oh, and 3? I don't know how much of it I played .No multiplayer, but I remember thinking it was a nightmare. I just want to point out where I am coming from before I comment, because I don't really have anything good to say, and I don't want to sound like some angry anti-CoD whiner. I've loved some of the games, liked some, and hated a few.

    That aside, this looks BAD. Not so much that it doesn't look like a good game, but it doesn't look like a NEW game. It woudl have helped if we weren't watching a split-screen session on YouTube, but the overall appearance of the game just doesn't look to be ANY more-advanced than what the current generation offered. This "Extinction" mode? Shut up, give Treyarch some cash, and call this what it is "Zombies" with aliens, so they can get away with a blatant rip-off without having it legally called a blatant rip-off. I couldn't get more than about 5 minutes into the video because it was just so much "done that."

    It's like, I haven't played Battlefield outside of a few rounds of the recent release's Xbox 360 beta (which I wasn't huge on), but at least it feels different. There's something to be said about becoming stale, and this reeks of that exact problem. Halo has always felt like Halo, but they've done a great job of tweaking the multiplayer experience to keep it feeling fresh, both from the gameplay standpoint and a visual one. I wasn't planning to get Ghosts anyway (not after Infinity Ward pooped out MW3 and its terrible self), but let me just say that I hope this franchise either dies off quickly or Treyarch brings us something legitimately new next time, because I don't think I could take the exact same game a 10th time. The changes since MW almost all seem to be minor audio and cosmetic changes, with the rest of it just being a blob of Call of Duty stuff.
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    11-02-2013 08:00 PM
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    I agree with you on that it doesn't feel like there bringing anything new to the franchise. I saw some game play footage were they say that there was more destruction in the game but when you watch it however it very unsatisfying basically just quick time events.

    I would like to see more improved graphics for example when I played the beta for BF4 you could easily see that they made good changes and improved upon the graphics from BF3 whereas with ghost it looks very similar to black ops however better than MW3 that was terrible a game.

    There extinctions mode like you say zombies but re-skin, I saw that footage on the link and I only watch a few minutes and personally I would prefer it if they kept it as zombies I got soft spot for zombies.

    The only good thing about ghost for me personally is that it the only game so far that I seen which has split screen (co-op) so I can play with a friend or my bro in the same room so it might be a game I purchase next year.
    11-02-2013 08:39 PM

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