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    I know the Xbox one is came out, but my parents are most likely getting an Xbox 360 for the family as a Christmas gift. They like the Kinect part of Xbox, but they are looking at buying a bundle, and the cheapest bundle is 4gbs and that is like the most broadcasted bundle. I rather have more gigabytes because I would like to use Xbox live and play games a lot. So, I have seen you can buy hard drives for the Xbox at stores(most likely amazon because WalMart only has one type[320gb].) How many gigabytes do I really need to make the most of the device? I can already tell 4gb won't be enough because I have more than that on my phone and knowing Microsoft you probably have 1-2gbs left for personal use. Which size hardrive should I buy? 60gb, 20gb, 30gb, etc. And can you just use any flash drive if I were to go that route?
    11-25-2013 10:52 AM
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    You're better off getting a 250GB system.

    Xbox 360 250GB Holiday Value Bundle with Halo 4 and Tomb Raider: Consoles : Walmart.com

    There's simply too many quality XBLA games that can't be ignored. And if you plan on playing online or using media apps like Netflix, Hulu, etc, then add another $60 for Xbox Live Gold. You could also save a ton of money and buy a used system and Kinect separately.
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    11-25-2013 12:07 PM
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    You can get a Kinect used from GameStop for about $40-50, while getting a HDD later on will run you $100 or so. Getting a 4-GB system means you're playing 100% from the disc (no room to install games for shorter load times), you aren't going to be getting DLC from games (most of the time), digital purchases are not an option, and quite a few disc-based games that require installs (examples include Halo 4, Forza 3/4, RAGE, Defiance, and L.A. Noire, I think). If they still did 20-GB HDDs, that'd be enough to get by (I did for several years), but 4 GB just can't cut it anymore.

    Also, I'd say that the Xbox One really is a better investment at this point. They might think it's great for the family, but I expect that the software support dries up fairly quickly. Third-party support is probably going to be fairly dead in a year or so, and even first-party games are avoiding the platform, I woudl imagine.
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    11-25-2013 07:28 PM

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