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    My goal: create a slide show of photos of a recent vacation,with music, that could be displayed on a family room TV set hooked to an Xbox. This simple project took me far too long to accomplish. Iencountered software with poor editing options, annoying upload limitations,format issues, missing features, and poor performance. I am willing to admitthat some of the poor performance may have been mine, but at least some of itwas from my technology.

    The bottom line: I was finally able to get my 38 minute slideshow to play on my TV using an Xbox 360 and a Surface Pro. I installed theslide show on the Surface Pro, and used the ďPlay ToĒ command to beam it to the360. It played continuously as I wanted. I had to connect the Pro to AC power andmanually set it to never turn off or dim the screen. Iíd really expect thosechanges to be made automatically when using Play To.

    I took lots of pictures on the recent vacation and the firstversions of the slide show were even longer than 38 minutes. The size of theslide show prevented me from uploading it to SkyDrive. I could have made theslide show shorter, but family members wanted it longer.

    My first editing efforts were with Adobe Premiere Elements.After importing the pictures into Elements, I found the program to be difficultto use, particularly to move blocks of photos at a time from one place toanother in the slide show. I also tried creating a version of the slide showwith the Cyber Link Media Suite that came with my Dell PC. This was also verylimiting. In the end I used the very simple Microsoft Movie Maker, which makesit easy to move blocks of photos at a time and allows me to use music from myCD collection as a soundtrack. Movie Maker does not allow me to burn the finished productto a DVD that I could simply play in my Xbox One. The Cyber Link Media Suitedoes allow DVD burning, which is probably the reason it is included on the PCbecause Windows 8 doesnít provide that feature. Yet I couldnít import my MovieMaker project to the Cyber Link program for burning to DVD, and as I said,Cyber Linkís slide show creation software was frustrating to use.

    If I canít just burn the slide show to a DVD, how do I getto the TV? I know the Xbox One wonít play files from thumb drives connected tothe USB ports (yet). I also know the Xbox One doesnít even display your Videofolder in its SkyDrive app. They will tell you this is a known issue. It willplay videos stored in the Pictures folder, but not videos the size of mine. Icanít even upload my slide show to SkyDrive.

    I hooked my Xbox 360 back up to the TV. It would usuallystream personal videos from my PC to the TV via our wireless network. I gavethis a try and while it worked, it didnít work well. There were a lot offreezes and stutters and it just wasnít going to acceptable. I had an 8GB thumbdrive handy so I tried to copy the slide show to it. I would then just play theslide show on the 360 from the thumb drive. As I tried to copy the slide show,I received a message that the empty 8GB thumb drive didnít have enough spacefor the 5GB file. I reformatted the thumb drive using NTFS and now the slideshow fit just fine.

    Of course, I had just created a new problem. The 360 willonly recognize external memory formatted in FAT 32. Iíd forgotten about that. Isuppose I could go out and buy a larger thumb drive but frankly at this point,I didnít want to. I decided to try to play the slide show from my Surface Proby connecting it via HDMI to my TV. This worked, but for some reason there wasno audio. Hearing my selection of songs that accompany the pictures wasnítessential but by this time I wanted my creation to be seen as it had finallyemerged. I assume there was probably an audio setting on the Surface Pro Ineeded to change, but it was about this time that I stumbled across theforgotten ďPlay ToĒ feature. Because the 360 was hooked up and still on, when Iright clicked on my slide show, the Play To option appeared. I gave it a tryand the slide show played with audio. I selected the Repeat feature and itimmediately restarted after it completed. Happy day!

    As I said earlier, some of the problems I encountered in mylong journey were undoubtedly my own doing: the large size of my slide show andmy own inexperience with this type of production. I can do lots of things on myPC just fine, but I think Iíve only created about 3 slide shows ever. Otherparts of my problem are the result of being an early adopter and buying theXbox One before many of its features are even working.

    If anyone has gotten all the way through this account andcan offer suggestions about how I could have done this without all the drama,Iím eager to learn. Thank you in advance.
    12-08-2013 12:37 PM
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    I have used PlayTo to send a video file from Windows 8 to my Xbox One. The Xbox One needs to be on, and then you can right click a video file in File Explorer on the Windows 8 box. Right click, select Play To.. and then select your xbox one. You could do the same thing to your Xbox 360 (or just use the system video player to find the video on a network share).
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    12-08-2013 04:35 PM
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    I was so frustrated the other day when I realized the Photos app in Windows 8.1 does not support PlayTo.
    12-08-2013 04:50 PM
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    Copy and paste this into windows explorer: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options . Then "change the plan settings" > "change advanced power settings". There you can set your device to not go to sleep when sharing media. This will allow your surface to play the video and dim the display saving you battery life, there is no reason why a fully charged surface pro shouldn't be able to play a 38min video using play to.

    As far as the DVD goes, You could have just saved the file to your desktop then used any freeware program like imgburn to burn it as a DVD. Tho if the size was so large then it may not have fit on a dvd? or worked on a FAT32 formatted usb drive. How big was it?

    Im not sure what version you were using but this might have helped you. Creating a Slide Show in Photoshop Elements 6.0 You started with the right program,IMHO Movie Maker is a good choice to tho.

    You could have reduced the resolution of your slide show when saving it. This would have lowered the size, and not necessarily compromised the quality of the images.

    Sorry you had trouble with this, learning new stuff is fun isnt it? My suggestion is to not let yourself get frustrated, it seems like you just kept trying new things rather then sticking with one and making it work. Aside from the xbox not being able to recognize a flash drive right now, all of your ideas should have worked with no issues.

    Gotta help a fellow IA member.
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    12-08-2013 08:25 PM
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    Thanks for these comments. You're right that I moved on to a new approach when one didn't work right away as expected. There was a deadline for the slide show of a family gathering, but your advice still represents the better approach. And then of course learning here that Play To does work on the Xbox One, which I have since done successfully, would have saved about half the steps I took. Oh well. Live and learn. Thanks again.
    12-09-2013 12:02 AM

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