1. coip's Avatar
    I have my Xbox One set up to take advantage of the 'low-power state' features of "Xbox, on" and "Xbox, turn off". My question is about downloading games, as some of the games are rather quite large (40GBs and whatnot). If I start downloading a game right before bed, can I then say, "Xbox, turn off. Yes" to have the console power down but still have it continue downloading the game? Or should I just leave the console running all night (and perhaps just manually turn the TV screen off).

    Also, for those who didn't see it, there is now a Dead Rising 3 demo in the store! Hooray.
    12-13-2013 12:50 PM
  2. WG Rowland's Avatar
    If you're putting your Xbox into sleep mode (which is what shutting it off while having it still listen to start up by voice is), then yes it will download stuff in the background. If you set it up to shut completely off (in the settings), then it will ignore you all day long when you tell it to turn on and NOT download anything in the background.
    12-13-2013 03:33 PM
  3. DavidinCT's Avatar

    Also, for those who didn't see it, there is now a Dead Rising 3 demo in the store! Hooray.
    Yea, you can only play the demo 2 times and only 20min per game
    12-15-2013 02:48 PM
  4. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    Yeah, I have my Xbox turned off, but able to say "Xbox, on". So I downloaded a game and turned my Xbox on, and was able to download the dead rising 3 demo, so it should work with 30GB games. :)
    12-15-2013 02:54 PM
  5. coip's Avatar
    Thanks. That's good to know that I can start a download, say "Xbox, turn off. Yes", go to sleep, and then wake up in the morning and say, "Xbox, on" and then play the now downloaded game. Good stuff.

    Yea, you can only play the demo 2 times and only 20min per game
    Yeah, that was really disappointing. I totally understand the time limit, but the attempts limit is absurd. I literally got to play the game for a combined 12 minutes because I died on both attempts just a few minutes in. Boom, that's it, demo over. Luckily you can sign in with someone else's gamertag (I used my wife's) and get 2 more attempts, but that's pretty silly. There is no purpose of having the demo anymore, so I might as well uninstall it. I would've gladly taken a cut on the 20-minute time limit to 10 minutes, or hell, even 5 minutes, with the ability to play more than twice. That said, the game seems pretty cool. Even if it was only for a few minutes, it was incredibly fun getting into a vehicle and mowing down throngs of zombies.

    On the flip side, though, I can kind of understand their concern with giving us too much. For instance, the FIFA 14 demo is pretty generous. You can play a single-player simulation and ultimate team match as well as a multi-player simulation and ultimate team match, in addition to skill games and other things. It's a great demo, but I can easily see someone being satisfied enough with it to just use the demo (probably not that many people, though, and those people likely never would've purchased the full game anyway).
    12-15-2013 05:02 PM

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