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    On 3 September 2014 Netflix idiotically ruined their previously excellent app on Xbox One with an inferior one, nerfing voice controls, switching to an unintuitive UI, and removing a slew of features such as gesture navigation, Snap mode, and SmartGlass searching. Xbox One owners were peeved, myself included. They have taken to Netflix chat support as well as Twitter to let Netflix know they want the old app back, but it still hasn't happened yet because Netflix is foolishly obsessed with having one UI across all their devices without realizing that all other devices are inferior to the Xbox One, and that removing features is not progress. We need to increase our complaint frequency if we have any hope of convincing Netflix to revert back to its previous app.

    I am hoping you will help us get the unique Xbox One Netflix app back by continually pinging Netflix. You can go to Netflix.com and chat or call with Support to file and official complaint, or you can go to Twitter or Facebook and let them have it. On Twitter you can tweet directly to @Netflix, but it is also easy to re-tweet or favorite existing tweets. To do this go to the search box and try the various searches below and then re-tweet or favorite those that call out Netflix for taking away the voice- and gesture-navigation, Snap mode, and SmartGlass search and ruining the UI. Thank you!

    Twitter searches:
    @Netflix Kinect
    @Netflix xbox
    @Netflix xbox voice
    @Netflix xbox gesture
    @Netflix xbox snap
    @Netflix xbox ui
    @Netflix xbox one
    @Netflix @Xbox

    Remember, you need to included the @ in @Netflix or Netflix won't get pinged.
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