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    So, I'm a 'lucky' customer who has to have Comcast for internet. I'm also 'lucky' enough to be in an area that also has a data cap. So, I try very hard not to go over that limit.

    I also love the convenience with digital downloaded games on my consoles.

    On my XBOX One - if I plan to buy something digitally or get a code from a friend - I can go to Redbox or my local video store. Rent the game, install it on my console and then input the code and - boom - I don't have to use the disc anymore.

    I attempted to do that today on my PS4 - no dice.

    It seems that the digital and disc versions are 'different' in the eyes of that system. If you have the digital version of a game (like say the Nathan Drake Collection which is 40+GB), but don't want to download that whole file. You're SOL. You have to. You cannot install the game from a disc because the system will always want the disc for it. In fact, you can't even get the option to download the digital copy until you uninstall the disc version.

    This is a HUGE oversight and something that the XBOX shines in for people in my situation.

    Ugh, frustrating to say the least.
    05-06-2016 02:10 PM

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