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    After working hard Game.IO is proud to announce that Yatzy players now can download and enjoy the new universal app for Windows 10 devices. The app is a universal app which means that it will work on Windows Phone 10 powered devices as well as desktops, laptops and hybrid devices running Windows 10, so you can play it from anywhere at any time!

    Players can choose to practice their skills in training mode, or play against real opponents from around the world, by making their own buddy list. As for the risk takers, it offers Game.IO Chips to bet and take risks and feel the ultimate power of winning. For a relaxed match with Buddies, there’s a Play & Wait mode that is freed from time pressure.

    Yatzy is free to download, and all levels can be completed without spending any money. The game offers optional in-app purchases from 0.99 USD to 49.99 USD.

    Now all fans can play the addictive Yatzy game, and with the Play and Wait mode, which is a unique feature of our game, they can have asynchronous gameplay on their smartphone while commuting, resume it at work on their laptop during a lunch break and continue at home on their desktop PC, during the evening. The latest user data is always accessible. All they need is an internet connection on your Windows devices where they play the game.

    Additionaly this is the only Yatzy game that supports multi-tabling – which means you can play up to 4 games at the same time and have the ultimate fun!

    Join us on Facebook: YatzyUltimate

    Follow us on Twitter: @YatzyUltimate

    Download link

    We are looking forward to your opinion, suggestions and critics :) Play the game and let us know how you like it!
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    08-30-2016 04:14 AM
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    This looks great!
    08-31-2016 05:47 PM
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    This is great! Could you add Xbox live integration so I can add my friends?
    09-13-2016 03:12 AM

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