1. ReprobusR's Avatar
    Windows Phone definitely needs Killer Instinct, an amazing fighter game; I'd like street fighter as well but I doubt that will happen.
    12-11-2016 07:26 PM
  2. StayClassy101's Avatar
    Maybe if they simplify the controls for a touch screen. I can't imagine attempting combos with on screen buttons
    12-11-2016 07:37 PM
  3. Ariel Takom's Avatar
    Thing is, most W10M phones like my Lumia 950 are never that great when running games. I'm not sure about the latest Elite X3 and Alcatel Idol 4S, but from my experience with my phone, it barely runs any games decently for it's specs. I was expecting my 950, with a decent SD808, would run games better than my Lumia 830, but alas the experience is more or less the same; stuttering and fps drops during game.

    And expecting Killer Instinct to run on W10M phones is just too much at this point. But tbh, I'm not sure if these gaming problems I'm facing with my phone are due to the games not being optimized by the developers for the phone/OS, or the OS is not optimized to run games smoothly by efficiently making use of the phone's hardware.

    TL;DR: W10M isn't great for games, so Killer Instinct on W10M is a no go IMO.
    12-13-2016 03:34 AM
  4. Mohd Fadil A's Avatar
    true that, i never had good experience playing games windows 10 mobile
    12-29-2016 04:38 AM
  5. humzahyaz's Avatar
    The HP Elite x3 lags while running Temple Run!
    12-29-2016 05:38 AM
  6. ReprobusR's Avatar
    true that, i never had good experience playing games windows 10 mobile
    The type of phone you have could explain this reasoning.
    12-29-2016 08:58 AM
  7. Mohd Fadil A's Avatar
    even in windows phone 8 and windows phone 8.1, i sense or felt it. Something is lacking
    01-02-2017 09:27 AM

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