1. kakashi2000's Avatar
    ideas for xbox one scorpio

    i recommend you dont use 8gb like the same xbox one original becase i will be same will freeze because have low memory the console xbox that why i recommend. 12gb or 16 gb so you can open any or do anything and not freeze because have a lot of memory freeze to open anything and work stable for all

    dont use the same slow cpu the xbox one original use wtf is that 1.75ghz is very slow i recomend 2.80ghz or 3.60ghz full 8 core or 12 core and make a solid cooling

    use ddr4 3000mhz memory

    make the next super fast next gen hardrive
    nex gen full blueray 4k or 8k

    make custom usb3.1 100gbs/s to use external drive use maximum speed or highter

    make 4 extreme Hdmi for gaming just incase one is damaged

    make 2 extreme gaming lan ,ping reduction,delay ,static protection ect

    make a extreme videocard full 4k and 8k support native

    make for the first time on console support unlimited refresh rate what this.. the xbox one original only suport 60 hz so if you make that tv or monitor. that support higth refresh rate like 120hz 144hz 180 hz 240hz or higther so you can play games with the maximum refresh rate your monitor or tv support or 3d so you can play higth resolution refresh rate for all resolutions with all games on the xbox scorpio

    make sure the xbox one scorpio dont have input lag or delay on the controls like the original xbox one

    make sure the xbox one scopio have a removal hardrive like the xbox 360 so you can updrade your xbox hardrive the to the next gen and make sure the is not limit to the tb space

    make sure the xbox scorpio have a next gen optical sound full 7.1 and new nex gen card sound

    make sure you can full brocast all resolution full quality and 4k and 8k not pixelated like twich that look bad
    and you can you refresh rate too

    make sure the video card dont have tering ,sttutering ,judder or blur or static noise or bad noise picture problem ect

    make sure the videocard support super hd colors and a colors
    and dinamic picture ,dinamic contrast ,auto motion plus ,deep black and all feature tv support ect

    make software corruption protection and voltage power protection

    ect make sure the console is not a full disopointed

    just helping ect
    01-16-2017 05:25 PM
  2. Tomas Boiko's Avatar
    I think you need to send this straight to Microsoft so they can lough from this post...do you know what price would be of this console if they would put all of this on that new console "project scorpio" I think it will be powerful enough for some game to run in 4k, but just forget about 8k or similar stuff. haha and the price will be without your help around £500 I think, still will buy one as I like xbox brand and want to support it!


    01-17-2017 04:16 AM
  3. xandros9's Avatar
    As I said in your Edge post...

    1. We're not affiliated with MS.
    2. A boatload of things go into a product. Cost to manufacture, technological limitations, heat constraints, power constraints, diminishing returns, we have to keep the previous Xbox One and One S in mind as well as current games...
    3. This list is a tad unrealistic though, I can't see this costing anywhere near the competition.

    but this is just me, you can certainly dream.
    01-17-2017 01:22 PM