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    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking to get into PC VR, and already have a mobile VR headset. So I'm wondering if there's anything available for Windows Phone that will let me do that? Now, for the background as to why I'm wanting something for my Lumia 950.

    Now while I'm aware that the mobile experience isn't that good, I only have a GTX 760 so the big dog VR headsets (Rift, Vive, et al) won't seem to work for me (plus, power constraints and stuff, I have a shortage of plug space in my room despite having 3 extension hubs connected, one 10-plug, two 6-plug), however I haven't had too bad an experience using RiftCat and TrinusVR's demos with my HTC One M8s. There's just 2 problems though. One, my HTC has a faulty charging port so any movement will cause the charging to stop working, and two, my HTC is aluminium which is triggering a yaw drift problem within VR. Not only that, but the Lumia 950 has a bigger screen with a higher resolution which makes things look even more immersive than my HTC One M8s. I will be upgrading my GPU at some point (I want to play NieR: Automata), but it is lower priority due to having to save for a holiday.
    03-12-2017 10:40 AM

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