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    Anyone still having the "lost tv signal" black screen when first turning on? (on via voice control). I only have the problem on initial power on and not during any viewing. Never had the problem with the old dash board. It started when they put windows 10 on the consoles. (yeah... Been dealing with this for a while)

    Original xbo Hdmi cord between DirectTV HR44 genie and xbo. Hdmi between xbo and Vizio e65. They're all secure and I even did some HDMI cord swapping today and still getting same results.

    My work around is to power toggle the hr44 off and back on and its fine until next off/on.

    I have read a lot of older posts about this in the official Xbox forums but really no resolve. Just wondering if there was someone else with a lead to try. And I can't stress this enough that I didnt have the problem until the OS update to Windows 10 on the console.

    03-19-2017 02:48 AM

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