1. James Falconer's Avatar
    Ok - excuse the newb-ness of this thread, but hoping I can get some solid feedback from the community here.

    Picked up a Dell XPS recently and seeing as I'm back on Windows again (full disclosure I use both Mac and PC!), wanted to know what is good to keep in mind in terms of gaming on laptops, desktops, etc these days.

    Are there any particular graphic cards you'd recommend? Any areas in particular I should beef up? Basically I just need a solid system 'mostly' for business, but I like me some good gaming from time to time.

    Any help/feedback is appreciated!
    03-20-2017 12:28 AM
  2. Josiah23's Avatar
    I use both Mac and PC myself! Now... Are you doing the gaming and business work on the XPS or a desktop PC? Noting that you're limited when it comes to upgrading on a laptop.
    03-21-2017 09:53 AM
  3. James Falconer's Avatar
    Both on the XPS (perhaps sadly). Would love a gaming laptop or a custom built rig :)
    03-21-2017 09:58 AM
  4. Josiah23's Avatar
    Do you know the current specs on ye ol' Dell laptop? Lol. Or the model number/ full name of the system would do just fine.

    6-8 GB Ram should do just fine for most games (depending on your games of course, but you should be fine with 6-8GB)

    For better boot time and program loading then I would go with a SSD
    Samsung, Kingston, Crucial, Intel, Patriot, etc will do fine but can get costly depending on storage capacity.

    Graphics Card and CPU wise, it isn't possible to upgrade the GPU or CPU on laptops... well non that I know of, I might get surprised one day.
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    03-21-2017 10:05 AM
  5. James Falconer's Avatar
    03-21-2017 11:01 AM
  6. Josiah23's Avatar
    I'm now jealous lol, that's the laptop I wanted or at least very similar... If I'm not mistaken, you should be set and should be pretty good with those specs for both gaming and work.

    03-21-2017 11:15 AM
  7. James Falconer's Avatar
    Excellent then. I think I just get a tad jealous of some of these gaming laptops that I see. They're beasts!
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    03-21-2017 11:25 AM

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