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    Bored at work LOL!

    This thread will serve as a place where you can share your favorite Xbox gaming moments.
    It can be a gameplay moment or a cut scene. As long as it affected or impacted you emotionally/mentally. Moments that made you love the game you're playing.

    While I'd love to add games from other consoles, I'll keep it to just Xbox games since this forum is for Xbox. Lol

    Personally I like games that transports me into its world making me truly "escape" the real world.

    Xbox 1st Gen
    Halo - The cartographer level which came with the OXM demo disc sold Halo to me.
    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - The most epic Star Wars game, arguably better than the prequels. That twist near the end won't leave me soon.
    Jade Empire - An improvement on KOTOR in every way, the best part is the setting, even today we do not often get a world set in fantasy ancient China.
    Splinter Cell- Solid Snake who? Sneaking through the shadows was a revelation and changed stealth gaming as we know it.
    Deus Ex Invisible War - Never played the first game but this game easily hooked me with its customizability and intriguing plot which kept me playing until the end.
    X-Men Legends - The moment I feel like I'm controlling a team of super powered mutants.

    Xbox 360
    Mass Effect - The best series to come out of this console generation. Sucked me into its world, the feeling of getting lost in space and discovering new worlds.
    Gears of War - NICE!!!!
    Gears of War Judgement - Didn't care much for GOW 2 and 3 but this one felt fresh with it's colorful graphics and fantastic new optional classified challenges. I know I'm in the minority here but l loved it.
    Alan Wake - The world of Bright Falls is so alive, seeing the trees sway in the wind. Very evocative.
    Resident Evil 5- More Resident Evil 4? Yes please! Chris Redfield punching a boulder 5 times his size is the stuff of legend.
    The Witcher 2 - Slow to start but later on you just can't put it down. Played this game twice consecutively. Very violent and involving world.
    Halo 4- Possibly the best looking Xbox 360 game for me. Made me love Halo again.

    That's what I can think of for now, will try to add later, my Xbox One is still young will update it as I play more games.
    04-22-2017 01:42 PM
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    Final Fantasy 7 - AERIS NOOOOooo0o0o
    MGS3 - The final boss fight, just breath takingly amazing.
    Witcher 3 - Bloody Baron quest chain. So messed up, so awesome.
    Halo 4 - Cortana ;-;
    Mass Effect - Whole trilogy is stunning, and I loved 3 too.
    The Long Dark - My first bear encounter, desperate and awesome. Tremendous game.
    Stellaris - Space batttles with hundreds of ships.
    Dragon Age - The Deep Roads. I love that quest chain so much. Felt like old school dungeon crawling.

    Great thread.
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    04-24-2017 07:45 AM
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    We had a Halo clan back in the Halo 2 days and were playing a game on Burial Mounds where you plant the bomb in the base, I forget the name of the game type (assault?). Anyway, several of us live in the same local area, and a thunderstorm rolled through. We had been playing this match for probably 45 minutes at this point, and we all got knocked off.

    Once it settled down, we reconnected and got back into the same game. Finally, someone managed to plant the bomb, and the announcer said "Round over".

    Round?!?! This game had been going on well over an hour at this point, and it was best two out of three and we'd just finished one round? It lasted over 2 hours IIRC!

    Then there was the custom CTF game that someone created where Blue was always on defense. We called that gametype "Red wins", LOL.

    And then there's "invisiball", where the skull carrier is invisible. Hey, not every custom game type pans out, okay? At least we tried.
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    04-24-2017 01:13 PM
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    Minecraft: I'm only gonna spend a few hours on here.... *9 hours later*
    Bioshock: That twist tho
    Bioshock 2: Almost as good as the original
    Resident Evil HD: A nice throwback
    Resident Evil 5: Co-op!!!
    Resident Evil 6: Co-oppppp!!!
    Resident Evil 7: A whole new experience. Seriously, it had my jaw on the floor at some moments
    Resident Evil Revelations: AMAZING game.
    Resident Evil Revelations 2: I played this with a friend, almost as good as the original
    Mass Effect Trilogy: Such amazing games. I've never been so involved in a game before
    Gears of War Series: Each game was amazing in their own way. So many memorable characters.
    Skyrim: The first game I've played like this. I was just amazed that I could burn cobwebs in the game.
    Fallout New Vegas: I start up the game and immediately someone lies to me and tries to kill me. Fun start.
    Fallout 4: I haven't beaten it yet, but that first behemoth scared the crap outta me.
    Almost Every TellTale Game Ever: I have some of the best memories with them.
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    05-31-2017 12:10 PM

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