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    Was inspired to post this mainly upon discovering Forza motorsport. Been looking for a nice looking racer with no ads for awhile.
    Of course the paid games are better, but its nice to have something in a racer, even if I'd rather pay for it outright (Could not live with asphalt 8, its worse than free to air TV or broadcast radio, just a spammy mess).

    Paid Games with are either pretty good, or totally awesome:

    Halo Spartan Assault
    Halo Spartan Strike
    Deus Ex Go
    Lara Croft Go
    Hitman Go
    Leo's Fortune

    Freemium games that don't bug me:

    Forza Motor Sport
    Lara Croft Relic Run
    Tiny Troopers 1 & 2
    Modern Combat 5: Blackout
    Metro 2033
    Theft Inc

    A little sad that there is no decent rpgs. But to be fair, the ones on other platforms as well as windows, like dungeon hunter 5 and soulcraft, both suck IMHO. Freemium is mostly horrible. The only exception is really the shadowrun games, but I can play more of them on my tablet than ios and android, so evens out in the wash (well in general way more decent touch only rpgs -grimrock games, shadowrun games, even tides of numenera in a pinch)

    Would be nice to see a paid action rpg on the UWP platform though. And a decent paid racer.
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    06-06-2017 01:11 AM

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