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    In the Project Scorpio edition video, at 0:28, there's a number shown: 0105101317

    I haven't been able to find any explanation of this number. It's shown in the video alongside the Scorpio branding and unique design, leading me to think it's some Scorpio edition exclusive feature. It appears to be printed on the system casing, like the Project Scorpio branding on the front.

    The number is 10 digits. As far as I know, all other Xbox consoles have 12 digit serial numbers. I found this guide to decoding serial numbers for the original Xbox: Methods of Identification | Identifying Your Xbox Revision | InformIT although it doesn't quite match up with the number from the video (it partially matches my 2013 Xbox One and Kinect, at least for date code).
    Possibly the last three are week number and year (week 31 of 2017), which is first week of august, seems reasonable.

    It would be really cool if the systems were uniquely numbered, given that there will only be a limited number in existence. They haven't mentioned this anywhere though; I would think they would use that as an advertising point to entice preorders. None of the pictures or videos seem to show it.

    Anyone have any knowledge or theories as to what the number means?

    EDIT: Got a clearer pic from the video, the number is clearly on the base of the system, on one of the sides, under the vents (you can barely, but clearly see the vent holes at the top edge of the image).
    If it's on the right side, it would be in the same place as the "Hello from Seattle - Xbox One X" text that is on the normal edition. The Windows Central hands-on pics show that text still being there, so the console shown there either does not have this green number, or it's on the other side.
    If it's on the left side, it would be at the back of the console, or top when placed in the vertical stand. Based on the 360 view of the normal console, the spacing of the holes seems to match the left side.
    I can't find a single picture of the left side of the console to confirm this.
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    Watched some more videos, and it looks like I was correct about the location! It's on the right side, at the back.
    The number is the same: 0105101317

    You can partially see something on the official unboxing video too, but there's no close up (it just looks like a faint black marking in that video).

    Still no idea what it means though.
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    The years all the xbox consoles were launched.

    01 (2001) - Original Xbox
    05 (2005) - Xbox 360
    10 (2010) - Xbox 360S and Kinnect
    13 (2013) - Xbox One
    17 (2017) - Xbox One X
    08-27-2017 04:10 PM
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    And leave the Xbox One S out?
    08-28-2017 12:54 AM
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    This Thread IS LEGIT!! I was wondering what those numbers meant. Glad I snagged a Project Scorpio!! Will The Project Scorpio Edition Xbox One X come with the other Easter Egg Hello From Seattle?
    hello-seattle.pngClick image for larger version. 

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    10-07-2017 10:54 PM
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    Yes, Hello From Seattle is on all the Xbox hardware. Original One had it on the bottom label, One S had it on the bottom feet, and One X (normal and Scorpio) has it on the right side. It's also in the battery bay of all controllers.
    I've noticed in newer videos, the number is now 01051317. Looks like it is the launch years, dropping the 360S/Kinect year since that was the odd one out.
    10-08-2017 12:09 AM
  7. XXDarthStewieXX's Avatar
    SWEET! Ok so I don't know if you watch youtube but "Xbox On" there unboxing Bennie says and shows us that there is 10 numbers on the Scorpio. It would be weird if they left out the 360s/Kinect.
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