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    this is a work in progress but im going to try to break down as many things as I can about these things. Now obviously the tablets are not OFFICIALLY out yet with W8 so the info is limited, ill try to add more and more as the info become available.

    Id appreciate if people can feed me information as well. ( general information, FAQ , how too , etc... ) not specifics to one device.

    General Information

    1:Minimum Requirements for W8 Tablets
    2:50 tips and tricks on Windows 8
    3:Windows 8 features and release date:
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    I seen its review It is really good its feature is:

    1. It Runs Android os
    2. It will have a 10 inch screen.
    3. It will have 6gb memory,and wifi
    4. It'll be cheap Its prize starts from
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    Number 2 - the link doesn't work.
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