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  1. nlocurto's Avatar
    Hey there all,

    Just made the switch from Android to Windows Phone. I'm looking to get a windows tablet that is obviously currently running windows 7 but I can load windows 8 preview on until windows 8 releases...

    I'm looking for advice as to what tablet to purchase today.???

    Thanks in advance.

    04-25-2012 09:52 AM
  2. Bballbenb's Avatar
    Acer Iconia W500 is your best bet. It runs windows 8 consumer preview as well. Why not wait for a few more months when the new windows 8 tablets come out though? No one wants out dated hardware!
    04-25-2012 10:36 AM
  3. nlocurto's Avatar
    I will get a true win 8 tablet once they are released but need something to hold me over until then...

    04-25-2012 10:40 AM
  4. J4rrod's Avatar
    ASUS Eee PCs are fantastic.

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    04-25-2012 11:06 AM
  5. AzD's Avatar
    Have you run the Windows 8 Consumer Preview? Are you aware of the very limited selection of apps they have at the moment? I would just wait for a fully supported and optimized tablet comes out, but if the money is burning a hole in your pocket, have at it... but remember you will in all likelihood have to purchase the final version of Windows 8 once it is released, so be prepared to add that cost to your analysis.
    04-25-2012 01:08 PM
  6. sinlessearth's Avatar
    Acer Iconia W500. I have one right now with Windows 8 CP on it and runs everything with no issues. You can get some refurbs for real cheap too. To me the limited selection of apps is no big deal because Windows 8 runs all programs that windows 7 does and there is tons of windows programs.
    04-26-2012 02:19 AM
  7. sinlessearth's Avatar
    Why not wait for a few more months when the new windows 8 tablets come out though? No one wants out dated hardware!
    The moment an electronic device is produced it is outdated. Impossible to never have out dated hardware.
    04-26-2012 02:20 AM
  8. ymc932's Avatar
    I bought the MSI windpad 110W & upgraded the ssd to 128GB. Its now running Win 8 CP & I absolutely love it. I use it to impress my clients, presenting my 3D designs with Google Sketup. I have a VGA wireless (WiFi) connection to the LCD projector so that I could walk around the meeting room & up close to each audience to ask them what they would like to see more clearly. I then navigate & zoom in on the 3D design with my fingers including swinging the model 360 degrees without lag.

    Reason I choose Windpad over W500 was the smooth touchscreen (glass)besides being thinner & lighter. But this is just a personal choice. Overall I think a Windows tablet is far more practical for me than an iPad or android pad ( which i have as well) as it can be used beyond just FB & checking emails.
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    04-27-2012 07:57 PM