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  1. threedog's Avatar
    06-04-2012 01:16 PM
  2. selfcreation's Avatar
    got to admit that does look VERY sexy!! :happy:

    i cant wait , just Wish i could run Diablo 3 on them :P :lol:
    06-04-2012 01:31 PM
  3. jdevenberg's Avatar
    I like the looks of the ASUS line better than the Acer's.
    06-04-2012 02:14 PM
  4. Satchef1's Avatar
    Officially announced. Coming October 26th, configurations starting at $799 for a Core i3 with 4GB RAM and a 64GB SSD. Price includes dock and keyboard.

    I'm wary of getting carried away here, but that price puts 599 within the realms of possibility here in the UK. $799 is just under 500. Add VAT, just under 600. It'll be unusual if we don't get stung for a bit extra though - 649 or possibly 699?
    10-04-2012 07:19 PM
  5. tissotti's Avatar
    Should translate very well in euros. Very competively priced looking at the metal build and specs.
    Hate them for going that dock and no detachable keyboard though, but i'm sure there's somebody looking for device like this.
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    10-04-2012 07:23 PM
  6. fatclue_98's Avatar
    I'm wondering if this will support Wacom stylii? If not, no sale.
    10-04-2012 07:37 PM
  7. jdevenberg's Avatar
    I wish they'd announce pricing for the w510 too
    10-04-2012 07:41 PM
  8. Coreldan's Avatar
    Acer Finland said recently that in Finland the W510 will come with the dock and will be priced 600€.

    I'm just sceptic at the hinge, but if Surface RT wont come here/is too expensive, this is probably my next device I go for. I'm sorta on the edge between better design with no bad hinges (Surface) vs. x86 and extra battery life through the dock (W510)

    The dock of the W510 is somehow well enough thought out that it makes the W510 really the only other hybrid that has sparked my interest in addition to the Surface.

    EDIT: Seems that my suspicion about the hinge wasnt totally off:

    The only real downside of the dock is the hinge, which feels really poorly constructed. On the one hand, it's way too stiff — you can rotate it up to 295 degrees so the dock can double as a viewing stand, but moving the hinge at all takes so much work you'll be sure it's going to break. On the other hand, it doesn't keep the screen very still, so it wobbles every time you touch it. How it's both too strong and not strong enough, I'll never know. On the plus side, the tablet does go in and out of the dock easily, and it won't come out unless you want it to.
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    10-13-2012 12:00 PM
  9. tissotti's Avatar
    I'm wondering if this will support Wacom stylii? If not, no sale.
    Anybody know does W700 support that?
    10-13-2012 12:05 PM
  10. inteller's Avatar
    with no SD card slot on the W700s it really fails it
    10-22-2012 01:15 PM
  11. texantony's Avatar
    Of all the pro tablets I think the Sony offers the most, except battery (but they sell a battery slider that also has a slot for the pen). Supports wacom, 189 ppi, Ethernet port, sd card slot, HDMI, USB 3.0, attached backlight keyboard, etc The design is what's hurting it.

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    10-22-2012 01:57 PM
  12. inteller's Avatar
    no one has made a perfect Pro tablet yet. The Surface Pro looks the best so far, just need a price.
    10-23-2012 08:43 AM
  13. six6xis's Avatar
    If that price is right then it basically kills the Envy X2 which is an ATOM for around the same price. Gotta love competition. :)
    11-05-2012 07:49 PM
  14. anon(5335877)'s Avatar
    If that price is right then it basically kills the Envy X2 which is an ATOM for around the same price. Gotta love competition. :)
    I was actually considered the Acer until I learned that it didn't have an active digitizer and when I read that section in the Verge's preview about the dock's hinge being poorly constructed. Plus, the screen's only 10.1", which actually seemed small to me because of the 16:9 aspect ratio. Plus, the smaller screen size means the dock is smaller too, which translates into a somewhat cramped keyboard.

    If I were getting a tablet only and didn't need something with an active digitizer then I'd consider the Acer, but at $749 for the total package, I think I'd go with the Samsung Ativ Smart PC for the same price. It comes with a larger screen, a wacom active digitizer, includes an S-Pen, and the keyboard dock's hinge seems solidly built.

    I do agree that the Envy X2 is pretty expensive, but it does look really nice.
    11-05-2012 10:41 PM
  15. tissotti's Avatar
    If Acer W700 even had possibility in the future to add keyboard on the bottom, but no keyboard on the launch, i would have bought it in a heartbeat.

    699 euros starting price here, when HP Envy X2 costs 899 euros is a killer price. With wacom or not. Now i'm just left wondering why Acer decided to put the connectors on the side and so make that plastic dock the only option. I guess i will never know.

    To speak the truth i'm still intrigued because of that price alone, but can't forgot what the actual need of this tablet is for me. :) Simply need that rigid keyboard attachment.
    To me the best option might be to wait for Surface Pro because i'm almost certain MS will price i5 version quite a bit below 1000 euros (possibly 800-900). Just again with Microsoft i'm not trusting them on those European release dates.
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    11-06-2012 01:47 PM