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    In three years I've had two netbooks (eeePCs) both the DC jacks failed. This time around outside of the warranty. Best price I've gotten for the repair is about $100. I'm just not sure I can justify spending that much on a repair when the part can be bought from like 100 different places online for about $5 and the repair will take about an hour to do. Of course I don't have a solder gun to do the repair or the training to solder the new one on otherwise I'd do the repair if I had either one or both of those. I've been researching what my options are for replacing it with a tablet hybrid type device with windows 8 on it.

    My main disappointments after 3 years of using the eeePC is the fragile DC jack and the rather sluggish and underpowered performance of general application use from video watching (streaming) to web browsing. So these are my main concerns for what device would be best to replace it. In addition I think I'd be happier with a higher resolution since on occasion I wish I could see a little more on the screen with the 1024x768 of my eeePC. Which has me thinking I'd be happier with 1080. Even not limiting by that it doesn't look like there are many options.

    Acer Iconia Tab w510 or w700
    Samsung ATIV XE700
    Asus VivoTab

    The w700 and XE700 both appear to have 1080 variations but are kind of pricy. Nothing time probably won't solve. My main concern with the w700 is on lap use. Since the tab and KB parts can't physically connect. My main concern with the XE700 is it appears to have the same poor quality DC jack on both my eeePCs. But the XE700 the tab and KB parts connect, as with the w510. I just seen reference to the VivoTab and looked at what looks like the only one on newegg but it doesn't have a KB. My concerns with the w510 and VivoTab is performance. My eeePC has a 1.67GHz intel atom with 2GB DDR2 RAM. So the 1.8GHz intel atom with 2GB of DDR3 for both of those have and sounds marginal at best over my eeePC. Some reviews I read said the w700 you can't use any stylus with and are limited to using your fingers making uncommonly needed more precise touching a pain. And requires a mouse if you desire to use traditional input. But then a google search shows me some stylus for the w700 you can buy. Outside of that I've had no other concerns in my thoughts in the limited reading about these I've done. So I'm hoping that I can get everyone's thoughts on hear to help me work towards what device would be best for me as a replacement of my eeePC. At this point it's a ticking time bomb. The plug has to be fidgeted with to get it to power/charge the eeePC and it is getting harder and harder to get it just right. I'll need to transfer personal data off of the HD in it to whatever replaces it.
    02-05-2013 02:45 PM
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    I would say go with the iconia w510. I love my hp envy x2 and I can promise you that not only are the new atoms much faster, but with windows 8 being leaner than 7, atom +win8 runs great. Leaps and bounds better than past netbooks, the operation of the OS is fluid and very smooth, also snappy. I would wholeheartedly recommend the w510, just pay the extra for the 64gb if you can cause windows 8 uses about 14 gb of memory. Also since classic windows applications take more room than metro apps, get the 64 gb model and you'll be fine. Also you can buy the keyboard dock for the w510 and it doubles your battery life, so you will get about hers w/ tablet and about 16 with the dock + tablet. Really great product.

    the w700 is also a great product but its noticeably heavier and gets less battery than the w510so I would recommend the w510 instead if you really want something more akin to a netbook.
    02-06-2013 09:33 AM

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