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    Dear all,

    As a long time Microsoft supporter and regular wpcentral reader, I managed to persuade my manager to port our desktop software MeteoExplorer, an analysis and visualization application for scientific data, to Windows 8/RT. We do this to fill the app gap of Windows store and help Windows 8/RT to become prosperous, so forgive me if you find this ad-like thread to be offensive.

    We've recently developed a free software named MeteoExplorer Touch and would like to introduce it to you. I hope it will be helpful to your research and work.

    MeteoExplorer Touch, based on the technology of desktop MeteoExplorer software,is a professional software for analyzing and visualizing scientific data. It is also the world first touch-oriented meteorological software optimized for Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Windows RT operating system. MeteoExplorer touch emphasizes performance by following native C++ development and tapping DirectX hardware acceleration rendering technology. It is also designed to be a productivity tool that makes no compromise in implementing its features. Indeed, it provides more than 70% features offered by MeteoExplorer. Moreover, by taking advantage of the touch-oriented functionalities in Windows 8/RT, MeteoExplorer Touch brings an all-new experience for atmospheric science researchers, professionals, and students to process meteorological data on their mobile devices as well as PCs.

    Here is the feature list:
    + Graphical layers management (navigation and animation);
    + Objective analysis of physical elements in surface observation data and upper-air soundings data;
    + Isoline analysis and shading of gridded data;
    + Streamline analysis of wind field;
    + Computation of physics elements;
    + NetCDF data process and display;
    + GRIB1/GRIB2 data process and display;
    + GrADS data process and display;
    + MICAPS data process and display;
    + Satellite nephogram data display and animation, supporting AWX, GPF format;
    + Map zoom, pan, preconfigured projection settings for most of the countries and regions in the world;
    + Zoom to area;
    + Save screen shot as image file (supported formats: BMP, JPG, and PNG);
    + Support English and Simplified Chinese language in user interface.

    Should you be interested, please feel free to visit MeteoExplorer Touch website at MeteoExplorer Touch - EastModelSoft Software or at Windows app store at Windows app store for more information.
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