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    Hello. I am planning on buying Lumia 2520 but have few questions to ask about Windows 8.1 RT.

    1. Did RT also has cmd as it used to be in Windows 8.1 full? And if it exist, is there any different in function like you can't do something like "netsh wlan"?
    2. Did the control panel is just same like Windows 8.1 full? If it's same, how about program and feature section? Did it get a full list of installed program? I know RT can't install .exe program, so how is this list will be presented if program and feature section is there in Windows 8.1 RT? Is it will also show Office that come preinstalled in Windows 8.1 RT? What happen if I choose to uninstall Office if it's listed?
    3. About shut down option, is it same function like in Windows 8.1 full like you can switch fast startup on and off?
    4. About lock screen, after you press the lock screen button, and when you switch it on back, will you be able to disable the password or did I need to reenter the password every time I unlock my device?
    5. Is there exist built in cleaner and defragmenter for Windows 8.1 RT?
    6. Another question is, can you excess the registry editor in Windows 8.1 RT like in Windows 8.1 full? And if you can, can anyone clarify and explain why registry editor exist in Windows 8.1 RT and what is the purpose of registry editor in Windows 8.1 RT?

    Ok, actually I've bunch of another questions to ask but seems like these are the top priority in my list. Seeking for answers here. Thanks. :)
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    12-05-2013 07:10 PM
  2. jaimeastin's Avatar
    Pretty much yes to all questions.

    CMD prompt, control panel, registry editor, etc. It is windows as you know it... Umm, just don't try to uninstall office... There is no point and hopefully the system stops you...

    You have password options. You can use a picture password which is like gestures. This is the easiest way to use password security.

    Fast startup is the only option... The thing is fast. You can shutdown, restart, or just let it sleep like most of us do. Battery life is great and standby life is really good.

    Sorry not as detailed ad you may want, but you should have no worries... Ask for more detail if needed.
    12-05-2013 07:21 PM
  3. azcruz's Avatar
    1. Yes.My limited use of command line has not revealed limitations. netsh, of course. I always use netsh wlan delete profile name to remove pesky Wi-Fi profiles.
    2. Control Panel is nearly the same. Program and features are stripped down of course. No Hyper-V. Microsoft Office is not in programs and features. But you can uninstall by looking for its setup.exe just like big brother. It will need a refresh to bring it back, I *assume*
    3. Yes
    4. No. Yes.
    5. Yes. Disk Cleanup, including System Files cleanup.
    6. Yes. I used the registry before to get more tile rows in 8.0. I'm glad it's there for such needs.
    12-05-2013 07:34 PM
  4. QilleRz's Avatar
    Thanks for all your answers. However, I appreciate if you can give further explanation about my questions.

    If I say Windows 8.1 RT is just same like Windows 8.1 full where you can get all the settings and personalization and all file type support and the only different is RT can't install .exe program, is it true?
    12-06-2013 06:02 AM
  5. jaimeastin's Avatar
    Yes... It is not that .exe (executable and other installers) couldn't work, but Microsoft disabled the installation for two important reasons... First is windows rt uses a mobile ARM processor like most android / all IOS devices. Most people are accustom to Microsoft running on x86/32bit and 64bit processor architecture, whether they know it or not. Almost current and relevant applications as the general public knows is written/created for this platform. The arm processor architecture is different and program/application programming would have to be written for this. Additionally, Microsoft decided that the wanted to control the RT environment and lock it down. No installations except for installs from the store. This is for security, to keep certain changes from being altered in core functionality, and because some specific services and processes would be disabled or not accessible in the RT environment... Maybe for performance control. So in the end no apps are written to be installed in the RT environment... To avoid confusion about installing application, I is apparent it only made more confusion for the masses. You can only install apps from the store, period... Almost all other windows core functionality is in tact.

    So to answer your question, yes. I am an IT professional and my RT works for my mobile expectations. I have not found a need where I want to install other applications. I am very please so are others.
    12-06-2013 09:02 AM

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