1. Greywolf1967's Avatar
    So what can we look forward to seeing on Surface Pro/RT with MS grabbing the mobile section of Nokia??

    Will any of the apps from Nokia get a re-brand and jump to Surface?

    I would be interested in the movie maker from Nokia on RT......any chance?
    02-04-2014 12:44 PM
  2. Muessig's Avatar
    This is a really interesting question. I'm not sure whether MS bought out Nokia's apps to be honest. I know the main crux of the deal is hardware related but I'm sure its been discussed how Nokia's exclusivity on their apps will most likely be dissolved, which can't be a bad things for the platform, as Nokia's apps really do stand out among the crowd. No matter if it's Nokia that's developing them or if it's MS developing them, as long as they do keep getting updated I think we're in a good position.
    Laura Knotek and Greywolf1967 like this.
    02-05-2014 02:19 AM

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