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    I just bought a Lenovo Yoga tablet 2 10" and I have some mixed feelings about it. What I don't like is the experience I'm having with windows. It feels so imprecise when I'm using my fingers to click on things like links and folders. It's driving me crazy. Sometimes I have to click several times before it registers and sometimes I hit the wrong link (when they are close together). I find myself rather using the trackpad on the subpar keyboard when I happen to have it nearby. Also, what's wrong with the modern version of IE? When I go back a page it takes forever to reload the page I was just on (at least a lot longer then the desktop version). Does anyone know if these problems are inherent to windows or if it is a hardware issue? Right now I'm thinking about returning the damn thing and buy a laptop instead.
    02-20-2015 01:54 PM

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