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    It's Alienware. Now they want to take over your laptop. Alienware Gaming Laptops

    Have one? Want one?

    Post your actual or dream configurations here. The sky is the limit with these dream machines...
    03-11-2015 09:20 PM
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    Well i have the Alienware 18. I have 4810MQ with 16 gb ram. It came with a 256 GB Msata boot SSD and 1 TB HD. It has SLI Nvidia GTX 860 graphics. I replaced the 256 SSD with a 1TB Samsung EVO 840 and added a 750 GB hd ia had laying around. The max config for my model at time of purchase July 2013 is 32 gb ram and Nvidia GTX 880 with 4 256 SSD set up in raid 0 (the optical drive can be replaced with a drive) or you could add any combination of SSD and HD up to 4. I purchased the 1 tb SSD aftermarket and cloned and installed myself.

    The 18 was discontinued in late 2014 and Alienware released a 13.3", 15.6 and 17.3" for their 2015 models but they listened to the upset 18 users and made it available in the last month. Now they available models have the same specs as the 2013 model (no touch, Ultra HiDef, 4 generation processor ) while the 13, 15 , 17 have the new hidef screens and touch. My local Besy buy had a 17 and it was hiDef and the screen was nice. I believe the Best buy price was 1649.
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    11-03-2015 02:07 PM

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