07-30-2018 09:29 AM
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  1. brymcho's Avatar
    I rolled back on my SP3. The tablet experience is a bad joke compared to Windows 8.1
    Just a few points:
    1) tablet mode is cluttered with desktop UI elements. With 8.1 i can do everything with swipes from left and right and have most of the stuff within reach of my thumbs with the perfect size, position and hitbox. If i want to go desktop, i would press the desktop tile...which is missing in Windows 10
    2) no charms bar this means:
    2.1) no quick peak time, connectivity and battery status
    2.2) no share option
    2.3) no print option
    2.4) no play-to option
    2.5) no miracast option ( i know there is an equivalent in info-center)
    2.6) no apps specific settings...instead now the app seems to be responsible for settings...for lots of modern UI apps i cannot access setting anymore. As consequence there is no common place for app settings anymore.
    3) task view shows all running apps not just modern UI apps. I do not want to see desktop apps in tablet/modern UI mode.
    4) task view and managing screen split with left thumb swipe seems to be gone as well. Instead i have the task view filling up the whole screen, not reachable with the thumb. Certainly good for mouse control but such UI design paradigm belong to the desktop.
    While I should admit that W10 is good for desktop (better than W8.1) for tablets W10 is almost useless. In additional to above I should add that the charm bar solution with title popup and hamburger menu is just ridicules. I keep my taskbar at top. The hamburger menu appears BELOW taskbar. I somehow managed to fix this with autohide on the taskbar but then I should touch an extremely small (on my tablet) menu with almost invisible options. If I scale all interface to 150-200% I ruined desktop applications usability. Task switching is ruined as well and practically impossible for one handed operation. Its almost constant switching between tablet and desktop modes when title bar disappears suddenly and the only fix is to switch modes and it reappears.

    In short - W10 brings me back to old pixel hunting games from my childhood. Everything is a pixel hunting in tablet mode - little close buttons, little hamburger menu with small options.

    My frustration is so big sometimes I need to just scream when I'm in hurry and can't tap here or there. I need gestures for tablet mode.
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    08-12-2015 05:56 AM
  2. TortugaOnline's Avatar
    After a few days of testing Win 10 on a desktop and on my Dell Venue 8 Pro I would say that it is good for desktop, but tablet mode needs some improvement. My biggest issue is the new OneDrive-sync. If you don't sinc it you can't see your folders, if you sync it, you loose space on your HD. This is why I won't install it on my SP3 (which is my work machine) untill they fix it. Now back to the experience in tablet mode on my 8" tablet:

    • Windows 10 has a new and fresh look. That's a good thing. My tablet seems to be a whole new device.
    • Apps: Office mobile apps are just great. They look good and are way better on a small tablet than the desktop versions. Some new apps like maps and the new store are an improvement also. Having said that I have to mention also that Win8 apps that have not been adapted to Win10 are sometimes a bit strange to use. In Win8 you had the charms bar to access app setting. Now that charms bar is gone you have to go to the left corner at the top. This is easy with a mouse but not so easy with your finger... I guess we just have to wait untill developpers update their apps.
    • Edge: Looks great, but there is still a lot of work to be done. No touch gestures, no swipe backwards. And the tabs on top are so tiny (I always complained about that on my girlfriends iPad). It was more touch friendly under W8.1 with big tabs on the bottom (and again: swipe gesture to open them). It is also really anoying to see all those ads on the internet. Also Edge doesn't creat good tiles as IE did under W8. What I really like is to draw over webpages in Edge. I would like to use Edge more often but I still have to use IE for lot of things.
    • I really enjoy the new settings app. Looks quite simple and is touch firendly. Another advantage is the battery use statistics. Looks similar to the phone ones. I like it.
    • Sometimes tablet mode is a bit poor. It only shows everything in fullscreen. There are still things in the OS that aren't adapted to touch use aree simply too small despite full screen. But I guess MS will improve this in the next months or the next year.
    • The actions center is really usefull. So are the toogles and the battery saver mode.
    • Swipe from the left isn't as good as under W8. I mean, it is good to see all open apps. But why just can't you drop them down to close them just as in WP? Hit the X always? That's for mouse users. Improve the tablet mode, MS!

    So, I think it is like two steps forward and one step back. If they would improve some things in tablet mode then it will become a really great tablet OS (like Win8.1 was).
    08-12-2015 07:24 AM
  3. Rodrigo Mendes's Avatar
    I think it's HORRIBLE if compared with Windows 8.1 experience, which is almost perfect for me.

    It's confusing, the icons are ridiculous small all the time and the start bar really **** me off! The right side bar is gone too and was perfect on Windows 8! Now we have a fake notification bar with settings, which is WAY worst than old right side bar/menu. Brightness control is pathetic too. Again was perfect on W8.

    Why, Microsoft... Why...? Windows 10 for tablet is the most confusing experience that i have in all my life. Looks like a Frankenstein, something made for desktops and somehow adapted for tablets.... It's a HUGE downgrade since Windows 8.1 was a absolutely delightful experience for tablets. Really near to perfection.

    Edge. I cannot possible imagine why they put address bar on top in tablet. Horrible idea, now we have the same bad experience than others navigators. Please, where's my good and clean IE11 app??? I need this for YESTERDAY.

    Looks like a desktop experience in tablet. It's just bad, don't work at all. It's painfull. Only multitask is better than old edition. The taskbar on the bottom is the most pathetic thing in Windows 10 tablet experience... Just show how wrong Microsoft are when they think about tablet.

    It's more confusing than Windows 8 for PC or Desktops. Microsoft is always doing things like that, I just don't understand why. I think they hear public more than they should.

    We need a Windows 10.1 ASAP...
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    08-13-2015 08:18 PM
  4. Stefan Holder's Avatar
    Rolled back to Windows 8.1 on the HP Stream 7 tablet. I never appreciated 8.1 so much on this form factor until I tried Windows 10 on it..I disabled the Windows 10 update and hid it, so I won't bother me about upgrading to 10. All is right now..
    08-16-2015 12:55 AM
  5. jaimeastin's Avatar
    Rolled back to Windows 8.1 on the HP Stream 7 tablet. I never appreciated 8.1 so much on this form factor until I tried Windows 10 on it..I disabled the Windows 10 update and hid it, so I won't bother me about upgrading to 10. All is right now..
    Amen! Windows 8.1 is amazing for tablets... 10... Lost its class. 8.1 was good on the desktop... 10.. Ok..

    I only upgrded my surface pro 3 ans dell venue pro 8... But i will not upgrade any of my other computers to 10.. not get at least... Has a lot of 8.1 features I need back.
    08-16-2015 01:06 AM
  6. brad4560's Avatar
    Just went through hoops to get my hp stream 8 up and running after a failed previous build install, and I am very surprised how much I like win10 on it. I've had no issues, and I am getting used to tablet mode, to me it just works.. What I use is front and center.. And the mobile office apps are perfect...
    08-16-2015 11:50 AM
  7. WillysJeepMan's Avatar
    Rolled back to Windows 8.1 on the HP Stream 7 tablet. I never appreciated 8.1 so much on this form factor until I tried Windows 10 on it..I disabled the Windows 10 update and hid it, so I won't bother me about upgrading to 10. All is right now..
    I just finished upgrading my Acer Aspire Switch 11 to Win10. Although I like the look of Win10, it is not as usable on a hybrid/tablet like this device as 8.1 is. Microsoft definitely overcompensated and went too desktop with 10. I'll give it some time to grow in me, but just as I'm getting to rely on the charms bar they remove it.
    08-28-2015 04:56 PM
  8. ivanrf's Avatar
    I had some issues with an ASUS tablet and the touchpad, but I could solve it. Everything fine.
    08-31-2015 07:33 PM
  9. webkrawler's Avatar
    It's okay. I currently have Windows 10 running on a Irulu W1002 tablet that was shipped with Windows 8.1
    I also own a Nokia 2520 Windows RT 8.1.
    I was an early adopter of Windows 8. While Windows 8/8.1 experience on a desktop PC wasn't superb, simply adding
    a start menu program like StartIsBack fixed that and I could not tell a difference from running Windows 8.1 to Windows 7
    because on my desktop PC I stayed primarily in the Windows Desktop.
    On a tablet, Windows 10 is "okay" but not the experience on Windows 8.1 The Charms Bar really made the
    tablet experience useful, fun and friendly. Now, on Windows 10, I am more in need of having to use a mouse
    again because like Windows 7, Windows 10 is really not very touch friendly, tablet mode or not.
    Maybe I need to use it more. But, Windows 8.1 was the BOMB on a tablet and Windows 10 seems
    like several steps backwards in the wrong direction.
    I suppose they either had to tick off the desktop PC uses or tick off the tablet users. Can't please both.
    09-11-2015 08:24 PM
  10. JaySeeDoubleYou's Avatar
    I'm using a Nextbook Flexx 11 as a tide-me-over to satisfy my Windows 2-in-1 needs until I can afford to replace it with a real Microsoft Surface. My experience with Windows 10 tablet mode?

    I'm happy with it!

    I know that there are a lot of people crying over 10's Tablet mode, but I am largely unsympathetic with them.

    In a vacuum, just as an aesthetic, I'm completely "agnostic" when it comes to a vertically scrolling vs horizontally scrolling start screen. But in the context of Windows 10 as a whole, especially in light of the intended universality of "one Windows", I think the vertical approach is FAAAAAAAR better. Vertical is better on phone. Vertical is better on the start menu in desktop mode. How incongruous would it be, and jarring to have everything going up down, only to have the start screen go side to side? This is why I'm actually an ARDENT supporter of the vertical scroll.

    Hamburger menus? I'm perfectly fine with them. Having my mobile background made up of 99.9% iOS and Android (Android making the majority of that), hamburger style menus feel like home to me. And they will feel like home as well to the droves of people who they hope to lure from Android and iOS too. We can argue for days and days over our personal, read: SUBJECTIVE preferences on hamburger vs swipe (and probably not accomplish ANYTHING objective), but love em or hate em, they are a SMART move on MS' part.

    The taskbar? I agree that you should be able to hide and unhide it, and I also wish you could see open apps on it like in desktop. But otherwise, I'm fine with it. I think it's aesthetically pleasing, at least.

    Edge not being able to go truly "full-screen" - Granted. I can't defend this one. But a) neither have I found it to be TOO MUCH of a problem, and b) I am confident that they'll fix this in a WaaS update.

    The whole OneDrive thing? This is a break for some, and a fix for others. I haven't used much cloud so I'm not super hip to it, but the solution seems obvious - why not make it so users can choose for themselves?

    The speed, and reliability, and performance of 10 Tablet? Fine to me - and this is on an underpowered, cheapie Nextbook Flexx. It's still nice and peppy. No complaints on this front at all!

    Anyway, so yeah, I'm QUITE pleased with Windows 10 in -BOTH- the desktop and tablet modes (though I will admit that at least for the time being, the desktop experience is still more robust.)

    Perhaps the biggest improvement of them all as far as I'm concerned is the now hard line in the sand between desktop mode and tablet mode. The desktop experience is resolutely a desktop experience, and the tablet experience, love it or hate it, is a resolutely tablet experience - but all in one device, and you can switch back and forth whenever you'd like. I didn't hate 8. There were even many things I liked about 8. But I didn't LOVE 8, and perhaps chief on my list of complaints about it was that "8 desktop" was waaaaay too much tablet, "8 tablet" was waaaaaay too much desktop - and there was VIRTUALLY NO DIFFERENCE between "8 desktop" and "8 tablet". It all just felt like a great idea horribly executed. 10, in my mind fixes all of that.

    Is 10 perfect? Of course not! Is it rough around the edges? Absolutely! Does it feel a little rushed and cobbled? Sure. Are there many things that need fixed and/or tweaked? Yes. But, with WaaS, that all matters so very much less than it did in previous versions of Windows. And let's ask ourselves honestly, was any of this any different when Windows 8 came out - back before WaaS, back when it mattered so much more? I rest my case.

    So, yeah, in conclusion, I'm quite happy with 10 Tablet! I think Microsoft is definitely on the right track here!

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    10-03-2015 06:58 PM
  11. Nathan Bael's Avatar
    I tried 10 on my sp3, but went back to 8.1 after a few weeks. Don't get me wrong, I hated 8 on my laptop, but it was better on tablets to me. My laptop is running 10 though and works great, other than a bug where my screen decides to resize itself occasionally.
    10-07-2015 08:05 PM
  12. orlbuckeye's Avatar
    Well I moved from Android with a Samsung Note tablet and I just wanted Windows and I'm used to Windows 10. I use it like a laptop (desktop) apps whether in have my Surface book as a laptop or using as a tablet. But I'm not comming from using a windows tablet. I was always worried about the Windows cheap tablets and power. The biggest difference I have with using as a tablet or a laptop is using as a table the screen rotates which can be nice. Back in the Android worls at the playstore they have alot of app designed for phones (smaller screen) and haven't been modified for tablet use (lareger screen real estate).
    12-10-2015 09:11 AM
  13. baseballbert's Avatar
    I'm running it on my Asus Vivotab Note 8 and so far so good.
    12-31-2015 04:20 PM
  14. ajayden's Avatar
    How do I install W10 on my HP Stream 7? Thanks in Advance
    12-31-2015 04:35 PM
  15. John Gentile's Avatar
    I'm just starting with a windows 10 tablet and it appears to have difficulty recognizing Wi Fi. I'm going to buy a book on windows 10 tablets:angel soon.
    01-26-2016 11:18 PM
  16. RonWesley's Avatar
    I find it much better than Windows 8.
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    04-11-2016 07:13 AM
  17. AV2RY's Avatar
    HORRIBLE. I owned WinBook TW801. It came with 8.1 and only 2 reasons I bought it was 1) my laptop is 17.3", to big carry to college/university 2) so I decided to go with something cheap with access to Office and OneDrive. I should have returned it as soon as I noticed problem with Downloads folder. Anytime I tried to open it tablet would just freeze with folder Not Responding, then "recover" closing everything. Also it sometimes wouldn't respond to touch at all. These two problems were driving me crazy/nuts/insane. I updated it to 10 to try it out (I liked UI) and hoping that problems would be solved. 10 added even more problems. Because I deleted Window.old folder (idk maybe it wasn't needed for 8) I never went back to 8.. Anyway, nothing is left of that tablet now
    06-02-2016 08:26 PM
  18. oviedofreak82's Avatar
    My experience with Windows 10 on tablets has been a nightmare. I upgraded my previous Dell Venue 8 Pro to 10 last September. Couldn't get the November update due to low storage space. No matter how I tried, I removed lots of stuff, never could get more than 4 GB of space. Had issues with Wi-Fi where after it sat at idle for a few hours, I lost all Wi-Fi.

    I downloaded onto a flash drive a BIOS update from Dell that supposedly fixed the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth since they were on the same driver, and it never really worked the same. Had to uninstall the driver and reinstall from the flash drive. Never could empty the more than 5 GB of temporary files that was sitting up in the settings and even used disk cleanup everyday to free up as much space as possible.

    Finally, two months ago, my Dell tablet died while trying complete the November 2015 update. Now it's on a constant restart loop and won't read my partition backup on my thumb drive. So I ended up buying another Venue 8 Pro running 8.1 and have absolutely no plans to upgrade to Windows 10 EVER. I love Microsoft but they did everyone a huge disservice with Windows 10; both mobile and desktop.

    I am very pro-Microsoft; both my wife and I. We love the UI and the ease of the OS; 8.1 that is. Our desktop computer is on 10 and runs fine; we tried to on our laptop and it was a mess. We ended up going back to 8.1. My wife doesn't want to attempt to put 10 on her HP Stream 7. If we decided to change our minds, I have the Windows 10 ISO on a thumb drive that I can access at anytime. For now, 8.1 is king in my house.
    06-02-2016 09:07 PM
  19. Alain_A's Avatar
    Just did updated my Dell Venue 10 Pro to Windows 10 everything went smooth.

    Version: 1511
    OS Build: 10586.420

    Tried to go for 14383: no go for now even on fast ring...Maybe later
    07-07-2016 11:08 PM
  20. 75Josemi's Avatar
    Im running it on a Chuwi Hi12 and I use W10 in desktop mode... When I need use as tablet, I run it with Android
    08-11-2016 10:48 AM
  21. UselessAnemone's Avatar
    I never thought of doing this. I will try it and post the results.
    12-05-2016 03:46 PM
  22. Drael646464's Avatar
    Great, Just scaled up the UI, use it in desktop mode with fullscreen start menu. I use a 9.7 inch. Scaling does make some windows off screen, but you can always adjust screen res, and/or turn the tablet.

    Works like a dream. Only thing is, its hard to find touch apps in win32 applications. Some scale, some are touch native, but there is no central place to find it all (a few games on steam + fruity loops scales for example) - and not all the apps in the windows store scale AND they aren't always labelled as such if they are.

    So my one complaint is that its a pain in the rear getting your touch friendly apps together. It's like a research project. Sure most stuff just runs okay, like office. But for your more complex interfaces, and especially games, its kinda a mare.

    There are plenty of UWPs that don't play with touch (even android and ios ports, are sometimes designed to work with mouse....like for example "osmos" - touch based game ported to windows, runs with a damned mouse!)

    Wish Microsoft would just go around offering devs some real incentive to get their win32s in the store, and LABEL everything properly (touch friendly, not touch friendly). They could get the big devs like adobe, EA etc to play the scaling game, their touch platform would be without comparison.

    Once you get the right software, its beautiful. That's really been my main gripe.

    Also touch mouse pointer, and gestureworks are kinda handy for the odd thing where you need a keypress, or mouseover. Use em very little, but every now and again.

    Anyway, here's some tips if any windows folk "tablet" -

    Trine 2, latest steam edition - touch controls. Awesome, beats android games, controls work pretty well.

    Civ Beyond Earth, and Civ 5 - touch controls.

    Apparently witcher 3 - but I've never tried it, my cherry trail couldn't cope.

    Legend of Grimrock 1 and 2 - has a few settings that if you tweak, you can play touch only. Nice games to play tablet.

    Fruity loops - can be a bit cramped, but it does scale, and has tablet mode. Big enough to use for music composition.

    And there's a bunch of android ports in the windows store that are good games too. I made a list on my blog. Things like the GO series, leo's fortune, etc etc.
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    04-12-2017 07:42 AM
  23. Galka_DK's Avatar
    How does Windows tablets (simple tablets usage, apps, surf, reading (not used as a laptop)) stack up to android ?
    I know that some major apps aren't in the store. But for those that are, how is the experience when used on a tablet ?

    I'm running windows 10 on my phone, and i like the look and UI on most of the apps better on it, than on my "old" android tablet. But they don't seem to update/synchronize as often as they do on android. any experience on that part ?
    06-30-2017 03:28 PM
  24. Drael646464's Avatar
    How does Windows tablets (simple tablets usage, apps, surf, reading (not used as a laptop)) stack up to android ?
    I know that some major apps aren't in the store. But for those that are, how is the experience when used on a tablet ?

    I'm running windows 10 on my phone, and i like the look and UI on most of the apps better on it, than on my "old" android tablet. But they don't seem to update/synchronize as often as they do on android. any experience on that part ?
    My 9.7 inch windows 10 tablet I use primarily for consumption. I very rarely use a Bluetooth keyboard.

    I'd say the experience when using basic stuff is very good. With surfing the net- you get full html5 compatible, extension laden, desktop browsers - better than anything you get on a mobile OS, browsing wise.

    There's plenty of reading software. My favourite is "Book Viewer". It might be native, IDK. But it has a "bookshelf" function, so you can see all the covers, like a magazine stand IRL. It reads pdfs quickly, which not all software can do, so its as good for comics and magazines as it is books.

    For movies, again, you are not dependant on mobile apps. You can use full desktop software like Kodi, VLC, Plex, for a deeper video viewing capability, and you can update to cover more codecs for greater video capability. A lot of those players also use hardware acceleration and so on too, and programs like Kodi enable a library type experience.

    Equally you can go the streaming way. The Netflix app on windows is very good. It has functionality like downloading for offline viewing and so on.

    Even apps like facebook, are better on tablet. I use slimsocial on the phone because the FB app is terrible. On the tablet, I use the official app, because on desktop, its much better.

    And of course as you'll know from mobile, the Instagram, twitter and other basic apps are solid quality.

    Of course on a Windows tablet you have stuff like adobe illustrator, and games like trine 2, which take advantage of the desktop software platform, but windows 10 on a tablet is great for casual tasks (which apart from some touch games, is the majority of what I use mine for_)

    I barely use the startmenu tiles, or the tablet mode, I mostly use the desktop mode (scaled up). It's not quite as pretty yet as mobile (that'll change with FDS I think), but I think that's mostly habit. I really should get in the habit of using it more!

    I can't really comment on updates because in windows, the updates just happen in the background. In android they tell you all the time. In windows, you barely notice the update process.
    07-01-2017 12:01 AM
  25. Drael646464's Avatar
    Equally if your into music, there's a lot of great music cataloguing programs from the desktop. Or if your into streaming, I'm sure the new Spotify windows store app is miles better than the android app.

    With tablets its a sort of best of both worlds thing with windows 10. Because a lot of desktop software is great for tablets, as is a bunch of full UWP apps. Quite often you end up with much higher quality, more fully featured software.

    That does however mean, to get that optimal high quality experience, sometimes/occasionally you'll be installing stuff from the browser, rather than everything from the store. Because not everything has hit the centennial bridge yet. Although that is hotting up, and will continue to.

    I still can't fully make sense of why apple didn't put its OSX full desktop OS on tablets, and why it hasn't merged them yet. It almost seems to have abandoned its desktop OS. But either way, its weird. Mobile apps, and mobile OS, doesn't make quite as much sense, the bigger the screen you have, the less those ad-funded 4 dollar funded, smartphone apps make sense. On a decent sized tablet, it feels better to have something that lives at the intersection, like windows does.
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    07-01-2017 12:50 AM
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